CYT Tick Tock Crocodile Costume




This is the description of how to make and/or maintain the tick toc croc costume that CYT used in Peter Pan.

Step 1: Inspiration

It's important to get the key features you want to accentuate. For tick tock, the eyes, cheeks, and I think tongue make it.

Step 2: Prototype

Used florist foam and my daughters Barbie to prove the concept.

Step 3: Thumbnail

Sketch the shape and cut out.

Step 4: Cut Out Head Space and Glue

Step 5: Carve the Heck Out of It

Used just about anything to shape this: cheese grater, saws, sander, rasp, files etc.

Step 6: The Tail

Same principles, cut into segments and used fence hinges.

Here's the trick. The hinges pop right back out so I used expanding spray foam in the gap to seal em in. If one pops out I recommend the same.

Attach croc vynyl from fabric empire using liquid nails

Step 7: A Little Cooler

This suit is hot. Any little thing helps. I wired a CPU fan and switch to a 9V battery.

Step 8: Dental Care

The teeth went through various iterations. The final product is simply play-doh. But with a twist!
Start with anchoring teeth to jaw with screws, they are canted outward to not make contact with opposing jaw when closing.
Pinch and form play-doh (white) into properly sized teeth. I then painted them with Plasti-cote liquid rubber. This gives them a nice toothy color while effectively keeping play-doh soft like in the jar. Provides some resilience to accidental contact.

Unfortunately these do occasionally break, or get yanked out, luckily the supplies to fix are cheap.

One last bit on painting. The plastikote will also eat the foam if it drips off play doh. Go slow, and coat a few times for sturdy coating. Any drips onto vynyl can be rubbed and peeled off neatly when cured.

Step 9: Getting Dressed

Check out the video



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3 Discussions


4 years ago

Hello, awesome costume! I am attempting to make this costume for my sons grade school play?while it won't be as incredible as yours was wondering if you had more pictures? Especially of back and how you attached the tail. My email is Thanks for any help?


4 years ago
You can rent this for your show here!