Cabbage Burger

Introduction: Cabbage Burger

This instructable gives you a recipe for making great cabbage burgers as well as an idea for using the filling in an appetizer.

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Step 1: Introduction

I realize there are many variations of cabbage burger stuffing and many different bread options as well. What I am going to share is a cabbage burger recipe that even people who dislike cabbage have told me that they love. I am a full time science teacher with three children so I have developed some time saving steps as well.

Step 2: Dough

I am going to recommend Pillsbury Hot Roll mix. This dough has never failed me, even the time I forgot to add the yeast packet! It's quick and I usually don't wait for it to rise. You can also use frozen dinner roles or your own favorite bread recipe.

Step 3: Stuffing Ingredients

This is an approximate ratio
2 lbs of hamburger
1 large head of cabbage
1/2 a large sweet yellow onion
Or onion flakes
Salt, pepper, garlic salt, Alpine Touch
(Alpine Touch is a seasoning I grew up with in Montana and you can purchase it on-line)

Step 4: Make the Stuffing

1. Brown the 2 lbs of hamburger in a large stock pot with seasonings and finely grated onion. (If I know I will be short on time I do this step the night before and put the hamburger in the fridge)
2. While the hamburger is browning, I finely slice the cabbage. I use very fine slices because I have found that most people who don't like cooked cabbage are turned of by the texture not the flavor. In the simmering process the cabbage will cook down to the point it is almost undetectable.
(I have also used bags of pre-sliced coleslaw cabbage from the produce section of the grocery store. Not as good, but again saved time!)
3 add the sliced cabbage to the seasoned browned hamburger and stir it through out.

Step 5: Simmer the Stuffing

I do NOT drain the hamburger before I add the cabbage because it drains off so much flavor. If you choose to drain the hamburger you are going to need to add water periodically to keep the mixture from burning.

I keep this simmering on a medium low flame. Stir occasionally to prevent the bottom from burning, while trying for a little caramelization.

The key to producing a cabbage burger that most people will enjoy is to really cook this mixture down. Add water if you notice scorching on the bottom of the pan.

Step 6: Prepare the Dough

1. Prepare the bread dough as called for by the recipe. (Again, Pillsbury Hot roll mix is very efficient)
2. Roll out dough to a on a floured surface. I roll the dough to about a one-eighth of inch thickness.
3. Cut approximately 3 inch by 3 inch squares.

Step 7: Prepare the Pan

1. For this appetizer, I use a mini-muffin pan and spray each opening with a light coat of cooking spray
2. When I use the stuffing to make actual cabbage burgers, I use a sheet pan to contain the liquids that escape during baking.

Step 8: Fill the Dough

1. After the cabbage burger filling has sufficiently cooked down, remove from heat and let cool enough that you won't get burned when working with the filling.
2. Use a non-stick cooking spray to lightly cover the mini-muffin pan
3.Place one dough square over an opening in the muffin pan and lightly press down.
4. Put one spoonful of filling in the middle and draw the corners together and pinch the dough to connect.
5. To make buns, I cut the squares about 4 to 5 inches, pull the corners together and pinch the four seams together. The flip them over and place seams down on the cookie sheet.

Step 9: Embellish and Enjoy

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until tops are golden brown.

You can also freeze them unbaked and in the mini-muffin pans for events that require large amounts.

I like to add decorative toothpicks to add to the occasion.

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