Cabbage Stew

Intro: Cabbage Stew

This is a great food for a rainy day. It is low in carbs and sugars.

Step 1: Ingredients

•Enough Rotel (or diced tomatoes) to cover your cabbage in the pot
•alb of sausage and 1lb of hamburger meat (or 2 lbs of just one kind of meat)
•1 cup of water
• Salt/Pepper

Step 2: Defrost and Cook Meat

Of course, you need to defrost your meat before you cook it. After it is completely defrosted, brown your meat in a skillet. If you are using sausage in links, it is best to cut it into 1/2 in. pieces before cooking.

Step 3: Prepare the Cabbage

First, you need to remove the outer leaves of the cabbage. Wash the rest of the cabbage. Then, chop the cabbage into smaller pieces. The size of the pieces depends on your personal preference, but keep in mind that the pieces don't need to be too small or too big.

Step 4: Mix Your Ingredients

Put your cabbage, Rotel, and meats in a pot with a cup of water. Then, season your food. You can experiment with this over time. I find that the Rotel is a great source of flavor, so if you use plain diced tomatoes you'll need to season more. I usually just add a tablespoon of Goya seasoning and a dash of salt/pepper.

Step 5: Cook and Eat

With your stovetop on low, place a lid over your pot. Make sure you check your food every 10 minutes or so. Cook for around 30 minutes or until your cabbage is tender. Then, enjoy.



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    2 years ago

    Now this looks tasty. Good looking recipe, thanks for sharing :)