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Samsung D series cell phones have some problems with USB charging, which cause them to not work with the excellent MintyBoost USB charger (Edit: This may be on faulty phones only, with broken ICs. Reports of these kind of problems stretch back to the D500, but are clouded by forum chatter).

This cable will enable you to charge a D series samsung from the minty (Tested: D900, Should Work: D800, D820, E780, E870, P300, P910, P920, T809, Z540, according to

The method is a little crude, but it should work for earlier D*00 models should they present similar problems. Get the right charger though; they have 18 pins out instead of 20.

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Step 1: Tools, Materials, and Background.

Tools and materials:

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers
Heatshrink tubing
Third hand tool
Type A male USB connector (Cannibalised from spare lead)
Spare mains charger for phone

I found that a D900 would not charge from a properly assembled MintyBoost, and this vexed me. The poor battery life when using it as a DAP was the main reason I got a Minty :/

It would charge for three seconds, then stop. Doing this with the phone powered down elicited the message "USB Charging Not Available", even though the presence of the 5 volt USB power was causing the screen to stay powered on.

Some Samsung phones have problems charging via USB, even though they're supposed to be able to. Reasons for this in forum chatter range from faulty ICs to incompatability with USB 1.1 hosts.

The MintyBoost simulates a USB 1.1 host with a 3.3v pull up on D-, putting the pullup on D+ causes it to appear as a USB 2.0 host.

First step was to scavenge USB parts and make a dongle, with which I could swap pins around. Making the mintyboost appear as a USB 2.0 host didn't make any difference. I also found that with the USB 2.0 ports on my desktop PC, the phone would give a charging indicator perpetually, but in fact not be charging at all. Mains chargers work just fine, but USB power is screwed.

Grr! Silly Samsung. Should be simple!

Step 2: Pinouts

You can find the pinout for recent D-Series phones here.

Initially, I though I could make a lead up out of scavenged parts, but that turned out to be impractical: The connector is about 1cm long, and has 20 pins in it. Furthermore, the plugs tend to be filled with injection molded plastic, making it a difficult job to get in without inflicting a lot of damage.

Additionally, different devices have different pins in the connector. Three are shown in the pictures below: 1. Mains charger, 2. Standard D900 USB cable, 3. Handfree kit / headphones.

Notice how the mains charger and the USB cable don't use the same pin config. The handsfree has all 20 pins in there, which would be a nightmare to pull apart and resolder. You can see my attempt to dismantle in in the fourth photo; if I kept going there wouldn't be much left to reassemble.

There's just no practical way of making up a cable with the tools and skills I have, so I order a spare mains charger from eBay: They have a 5V output, just like USB, yet the phone accepts it without any fuss. Maybe if I hook one of those plugs up to the USB 5V and ground, it will work...

I browse the pictures and select one with a plug that looks like it clips shut, rather than an injection molded one. That way, it will be easier to poke around inside and modify it if I need to.

Step 3: Make Cable

Snip the cable off the mains charger at a convenient length, then strip the two wires and tin them.

Likewise, cut the USB connector off the lead, disassemble it, trim down the D- and D+ wires, then strip and tin the live and ground ( USB in a nutshell ).

Before soldering, cut appropriate lengths of heatshrink to insulate the soldered connections from each other and also sheath the whole thing.

Solder up, shrink the tubing (The vent on a gas powered soldering tip is also really handy for that), and reassemble the USB plug.

Step 4: Test & Done

It works. Of course, it's no good for data (there's bluetooth anyway).

The tests shown here are done with the phone powered down (The charging behaviour is identical with it powered up, but the display is different).

The default USB cable results in the error shown in the second picture: "USB Charging Not Available". This is really annoying, because connection to USB power causes the display to power up and stay on while connected, but something in the phone won't let it charge the battery.

The hacked cable, which applies the 5V USB power to the same pins a mains charger would supply, simply gives "Charging". It can power the phone from any USB port.

Woo :)

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    Good  information, really fantastic, is it work for samsung only or any other mobiles, I am using Nokia, i will check it on my mobile. Thanks for sharing information with us.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This trick also work with sony ericsson phones , once they are connected to the minty , they try to go to usb transfer mode , and they don't charge , with this , now they do charge


    12 years ago on Step 3

    fantastic - this works a treat and only took me 5 minutes. I used the stock mains power that came with my D900 (never charge my phone at the wall anyway). I connected the unshielded to USB black and the white shielded to USB red. Phone charges from USB on my laptop every time now without "USB charging unavailable". Piece of cake - thanks for your excellent write up.


    12 years ago

    That kind of plug is not in my pocket ref. What kind is it?

    3 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    It's a proprietary Samsung connector; they shove just about everything through it: USB, headphones, mains charging, etc.


    Reply 12 years ago

    Oh right, it's a UK mains plug, 240v.


    12 years ago

    I've got the same phone, and it will also charge thought the USB cable supplied, maybe you've just got a buggered cable?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    Thanks for the info, it's been frustrating not having any other similar phones to test stuff with. I think the cable is most likely fine. Works for data, and plugging it in also causes the charging indicator to animate, it's just that the battery doesn't actually charge while it's doing this. No such probs with the mains charger, or USB power hooked up to the same pins as a mains charger. Browsing forums reveals that problems like this have commonly been reported quite a few models back, and a few people cite faulty ICs in some Samsung phones. Given that the standard cable can't be used for flashing and bluetooth is a better way to transmit data, this solution is more convenient for me than sending the phone back under warranty ;)