Cable Concealer




Introduction: Cable Concealer

I use three different portables and a floor desktop from one monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse. This means lots of cable clutter and crawling around under the desk to route cables and power cords. To hide the clutter I created a raised shelf. This way I do not lose desk space and I don't have to battle dust bunnies. Start by removing laptops, scanner, and miscellaneous USB hubs.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Cut a strip of matching shelving about 4 inches wide to serve as a base. I have a front and two sides. You could add a middle support or back support if needed.

Step 3:

Then replace laptops, scanner, USB switch, hub, etc. Hide all the extra cables and power cords beneath the shelf and push it into place leaving a gap at the back for the cords. Voila! No more crawling under the desk.



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    2 Discussions

    Good idea. This will also make workstations less cluttered looking. Worth implementing.

    I constantly have this problem. Everyone of our workstations are covered in a tangled mess of cords. Thanks for the idea.