Cable Holder for Desktop





Introduction: Cable Holder for Desktop

How to make a simple desktop cable holder,
- Holds the cable securely
- Low friction, the cables slide easily in and out

Step 1:

1. a piece of plastic from a shampoo bottle or similar ( HD-PE or PP plastic ),
  size depends on which template is used.

2. a steel tablecloth clamp / clip

Step 1:
- cut out the plastic piece and flatten it
- print out one of the templates below and tape it on the plastic piece
 (the templates also include other designs if you don't like feet on the table.. :-)
  PDF Template for 50 mm clips ( 2 inch )
  PDF Template for 75 mm clips ( 3 inch )
- make the holes and make a surface mark through the cutting lines
  with a sharp knife

Step 2:

Remove the template and cut out the plastic piece .

Step 3:

- Mount the parts and fasten to the edge of the table
- slide in the cables at about 45 degree angle for easy mounting


Link to the original DIY page :

More of my DIY tips :



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    8 Discussions

    I love that, for a change, this is not made with a CNC, or laser cutter or a arduino, o Raspberry, etc. Just ingeniuty and old school DIY

    1 reply

    I agree with you! It's something that anybody can make with a cheap stuff and easy to find.

    Personally, I'd like to hide the metal clip, perhaps with a felt layer on top. Don't get me wrong - great simple and functional instructionable.

    This is great! We have one corner with a nest of cables where the whole family competes to charge their phone, Nook, tablet, etc. and this will make a really cool solution! Thanks!

    Benny, I cannot sit here and not say something. Amazing! Love your creativity and your simple methods of construction. Thank you for your care - in letting us in on what you've come up with. Aces!


    4 years ago

    it's realy easy and good idea