Cable Release

Introduction: Cable Release

About: They Call me Wallace.

This is my DIY Cable Release For Canon DSLR.
all you Need for this is 

Small Project box ,,   a Push Switch ....Two....

Some Wires , Hot Glue gun ,Solder, Drill.

I  Found   that using One of these Drill Bits. The Box Will Not Brake Like if You use the Regular Drill Bits.

Drill 3 Holes Two For the Switches And One For the Cable. The Cable That i Used is From an Old Broken Cable Release. With 3 Pins.

it Has 3 wires RED,  Yellow, White.

Solder the Red And Yellow to One Witch and the Withe To the other one. Now Jump The Red To The Second Switch. 
Plug Your Camera And try it Out. If all Is Working Hot Glue Things in place And Go and take pictures

NOTE  I am NOT Responsible For Any Damage To Your Camera, Or Other Gear, 
Now Go And Make Something.

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