Cable Holder

This cable holder was built in less than 15 minutes from a single old transformer metal plate, making easy to clean up those messy cables around your room or office.
The only tools needed are a hammer and pliers.

Step 1: Bending

This project is basically done by bending the piece of metal.
I started with the left and right parts. The hammer was used to make it more flat and continue the work of the pliers.

Step 2: A Little More Bending

Now we have to create some hooks, one for mounting and the others to keep the cables in place.

Step 3: Mounting

I decided to mount it on an wooden panel of my room. In my case it fits perfectly just by sliding it between the panel an the wall. You stick it on your wall or even drill a role to keep it in place.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Edges would be to sharp. They would cut the cables. Nice idea though. Perhaps you could bend the edges in to make the edges rounded?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Nice observation!
    I've been using it for a while without any problems but not to pulling the cable from the sides bucase as you said it can damage the cables if you're not careful. You can solve it by sanding or bending the edges, you can also use some "rubber paint" or tape to prevent some troubles!