Cable Hooks for Solid Wire Fence

Introduction: Cable Hooks for Solid Wire Fence

We have a little planted pond in an old zinc bathtub supplied with a fountain pump. That neat biotope stands close to the neighbors fence. Last time i was mowing the lawn, the worst case happens. I cut the wire, hidden in the grass like a snake, with the lawnmower! (And told my wife someone stupid has cut the fountains wire :( )

After patching the wire i thought the cable must hang higher, also there is a solid fence. What was missing where just hooks to put the cable on a higher level.

So i' ve created those hooks that fit on the neighbors fence and sure on many others around here. The hooks are build modular for the following reasons:

1. The single parts can be printed in an optimal position without supports. Also a hook printed (almost) in perimeters instead of layers is more stable.

2. The cable-hook part can be replaced through others. There are many items in a yard that could be hooked up. An plastic watering can e.g. or other light stuff. Those replacement hooks can designed by your self or by me in the next time. Anyway, my freeCad file is attached.

3. If you like it colored you can print the parts in different filament colors and combine them at your taste.

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Step 1: Make It..

Load the stl files and print them out. The parts are rotated in right position for laying on the print bed. Also you can combine one ore more sets in your slicer for a print session.

I printed my parts in PLA because it' s supposed to be UV resistant. Time will show...

They where made with a 0,5 mm nozzle and 0,2 mm layer height. More coarse will do it too. Also i made a 5mm brim around the parts. Otherwise the little parts will drop before the print is finished.


The printed parts and a little tin-screw which is not longer than 1cm.

Much stuff, i know!

Step 2: Put It Together

Clamp the part named fork (blue) on the hook (pink). Put the cable-hook (gray)over it. The CAD srceenshot will help. Now drill the screw gently from behind in to fix all to one unit.

Now go outside and decorate your and your neighbors fence with the hooks and hang the cable in. No more lawnmower or trimmer will bite them in the future..

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