Cable Release for Hasselblad 500 EL / 500 ELM

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Here you can see how to put together a Cable release for you old Hassy, with very little knowledge of electronics.

First, the materials needed for the project:

- 1 Din Conector 5 Pin Male
- 60 cm. aprox of nice flexible cable, not too thick.
- 1 push button Switch
- 1 35 mm roll plastic can or bottle (can be substituted for something else that ressembles)
- Soldering tool (weller is the best)
- Soldering tin

Step 1: Open the DIN Connector

First, we'll open the DIN conector and solder the pins #1 and #3 to the (+) and (-) parts of the cable. Polarity does not matter for this.
After this is done, we close the connector back up.

Step 2: The Hadheld Element

Now we procede to perforate or drill the bottle of the 35 mm roll.
This could be easily done with the soldering gun, but be sure to clean it afterwards.

Step 3: The Push Button Switch

For this you don't need to solder the parts but it is good if you want it to last longer.

Step 4: Tighten and Close the Bottle

Procede to tighten the nuts of the switch, and close the lid on the bottle.
Everything should be ready now.

Step 5: Shoot Some Pictures

You are done, now plug it into your camera and try it!
Good luck!



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    The diagram seems to be obvious, but for the layman, one would ask for a male 240° 5-pin DIN connector at their local electronics store, correct? If so, it might be helpful to add it to the instructions. Thanks for the guide though. Needed a cable release for a trip in 4 days, but couldn't find one online.


    Reply 12 years ago

    Its a cable that plugs into your camera to be able to make long exposure shots without touching the camera and allowing it to sit still. Or in the most narcisist case to take self-portraits easily.