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Introduction: Cables Box

How to make Cables Box, cheap and easy



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    Brilliant !!!  Need way more tags on this one.

    Cable Clutter, Cable Organizer,  Reduce Computer, Stereo and Home Theater cable clutter. 

    Thank you

    wonderful use there! I just wonder if that many cables wrapped up together creates any RFI?

    I LOVE IT. I am always trying to dream up new uses for these worthless containers. I usually let them pile up, and eventually recycle them. I'm glad to see vendors are selling "blister packs" of discs now that refill these containers. But this ... is a great idea.

    So easy, useful, and incredibly original!! This whole time I've fooled myself thinking that I'm ahead of some of the mess, by using Velcro straps and/or zip-ties! No more! I've saved these for some reason, and now I'm glad I have. I'm going to build two right now. One for my computer (and accessories) and one for my TV (and it's hardware). Very excellent idea!

    Simple, Easy, Effective, and CHEAP! Well done. You solved a simple problem with an even simpler answer. I didn't know wha t to do with those things before. A+

    I also have seen small appliances heat their power cords up when tightly coiled. This will crack the insulation, cause shorts and fires. Always test such a device(s) for heat build-up after using awhile.

    this is a great idea except for one thing, if one of the cables shorts out or overheats it could melt the other cables and short them out as well

    Great! Now I don't have to bring my machete when trying to find a way to my computer!

    Wow, a good solution. The problem i find with commercial cable tidies, where you zip all the cables together, is that allot of my cables are different lengths, so all the mess is just shifted to one end of the cable tidy.

    Thats actually a cool idea! Kind of like one of those retracting phone cords... It really cleans up the mess!