Cable/wires Ties/guides/routers for Automobile Dashboard

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Intro: Cable/wires Ties/guides/routers for Automobile Dashboard

This is a very simple method for keeping your cables or wires organized and looking neat. All you need is thin plastic (I used a plastic folder), hole punch and scissors.

Start by deciding the path you want your cable to follow and cut as many "ties" as necessary. The shape you cut is up to you.

I usually cut "v shape".

Cut a thin strip of plastic

Punch a whole at the top of the strip

Cut a slit from the long edge of the plastic to the hole you punched

Thread the cable

Insert slit of plastic into any crack or space in the area where the cable is going to run through.

You are done, your cable is secure and looks neat.

Step 1:



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    9 months ago

    Good idea - I need to neaten some wires up.