Cactus NightLight!(under 2 Dollars)

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this time i'm going to show you have to make a garden night light under 2 dollars!

so follow the instructions.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

For making this great project you'll need:

about 80 cm of paper tube(found in a roll of carpet)

li-po 3.7v 350mlAh battery

li-po battery charger

small switch

3 highbright LEDs (blue)

12ohm resistor

4 plastic cups


black spray paint


small saw

hot glue

Step 2: Cutting the Tube

mark lines every 10CMs of the tube and cut it slowly

you can also sand the tube after cutting.

Step 3: The Paint Job!

paint it using an spray paint and let it dry

Step 4: Adding the Electronics!

after that you have to make a hole in the pipe to mount it to the wall!

Step 5: You Did It!

now you can add the cactuses and mount it to the wall.

thanks for your attention.

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