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Introduction: Cactus Pin Cushion

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This pin cushion is super cute and easy to make!

Use as a pin cushion and a small storage container as well!

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Step 1: Supplies


- Green, brown, yellow, pink, and red felt sheets

- A small empty flower pot

- Embroidery floss colors red, green, white, and brown

- Stuffing/Polyester filling

- Small piece of cardboard/foam board

- Fabric scissors and an embroidery needle

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

- Out of cardboard or foam board cut a circular piece to act as the "top" for the pot. Do this by tracing around the pot using a sharpie and then cutting within that line so that the tops rests comfortably on top of the pot.

- Using the top piece as a reference cut out 6 identical green cactus pieces whose widths are slightly smaller that the diameter of the top of the pot.

- Cut out a circular piece of the brown felt that is roughly twice as large as the cardboard cut out.

Step 3: Stitch Around Each Petal

Using a blanket stitch join two pieces of the green felt together stitching all around leaving an opening at the bottom. You will end up with three "pockets" after this step.

Step 4: Combine and Stuff the Petals

- Placing all three of the petals on top of each other stitch through all three layers straight down the center with green embroidery thread.

- Fan out each petal and stuff it with polyester filling, use a pencil to push the filling to the tip of the cactus.

Step 5: Create the Flower

- Using the yellow, pink, and red felt sheets cut out circles of three different sizes (small for the yellow, medium for the pink, large for the red).

- Cut the petals from each circle as you wish.

-Layer the three pieces on top of each other to create the flower, using red embroidery floss stitch each layer to the other and to the top of the cactus.

Step 6: Attatch the Cactus to the Lid

- Using brown embroidery floss attach the cactus to the center of the brown circular piece.

- Loosely stitch around the circumference of the brown felt piece, insert the cardboard "lid" and pull the string tight.

- Tighten as much as possible and tie off.

Tada! You are done! Now go and build yourself a whole garden!

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4 Discussions


9 months ago

Thank you so much for this, I thought it was a really fun and super cute project. I could do it and I'm a beginner (just had to watch a video on the "blanket stitch" :P).


3 years ago

I Love this! It's far nicer than any tomato pincushion I've ever seen. Thank you for posting this instructable.


3 years ago

Super cute! This is a great idea, considering that my tiny tomato pincushion is literally always full!


3 years ago

Love it

I'll have to give this a go when I'm busy procrastinating instead of doing the things I should be :)