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Introduction: Café Frappé/ Frappé Coffee

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Les mostrare con unos simples pasos como hacer un café Frappé tan rico como los que compras en los cafés por un precio elevado.

Esta receta es para 1 porción



I will show you how to do a Frappe Coffee in a simple way, its so delicious as the ones you buy for a high price.

This recipe is for 1 portion

Step 1: Ingredientes /Ingredients


- Nieve de Vainilla o de tu sabor preferido

- Café instantáneo

- Azúcar

- Leche


Hasta aqui es una receta de un café sencillo, yo le agregué estos otros ingredientes que la hacen todavía más rica:

- Cocoa en polvo

-Vainilla líquida

Usaremos una licuadora que triture hielo.

Yo usé una licuadora pequeña que es la porción de un vaso, pero si no tienes una así pon las cantidades en un vaso y después pásalo a la licuadora.


- Vanilla Ice Cream or your favorite flavor

-Instant coffee

- Sugar

- Milk

- Ice

These ingredients are the basic ones, this make a great frapuccino but with the next above will be more delicious:

- Cocoa Powder

- Liquid Vanilla

We will use a blender thet can crush ice.

I use a magic bullet blender that is the measure of a glass, you can measure the recipe with a normal glass and then pour it in the blender.

Step 2: Agregar Ingredientes/ Mix Ingredients


Nota: Yo usé una cuchara de sopa que es mas chica que una cuchara normal, mientras uses la misma cuchara para todas las medidas no habra gran diferencia.

Vamos a medirlo todo en un vaso común:

Llenamos 1/4 del vaso con hielo.

Después le ponemos la nieve que cubrirá 3/4 del vaso en total.

Agregamos 1 cucharada de café, esto puede ser a tu gusto, guíate de cuando haces una taza regular de café cuanto te gusta que lleve.

Le agregamos 1 cucharada de azúcar, yo uso la morena que es mi favorita, puedes usar la que gustes. Si regularmente usas mucha azúcar agregale un poco más ya que te podria saber un poco amargo, igual puedes basarte en la cantidad que le echas a tu café.

Después 1/2 cucharada de cocoa y un chorrito de vainilla. Toma en cuenta que la cocoa es muy amarga, así que si decides agregar mas cocoa asegúrate de agregar mas azúcar.

Llenamos el vaso de leche.


Note: I use a soup spoon that is smaller than a tablespoon, as long as you use the same spoon for all the measures there will be no much difference.

Lets measure everything in a normal glass:

Fill 1/4 of the glass with ice.

Then we put the ice cream that will cover 3/4 of the glass, in total.

Put 1 spoon of coffee, you can use the amount of coffee that you like in one cup.

Now the sugar, I like 1/2 spoon but it´s the same quantity as the coffee. I use brown sugar because it´s my favorite, but you can use anyone. I like my coffee a little bitter, so I think you might want to put more sugar....jajajajaja.

Add 1/2 spoon of cocoa and a dash of vanilla. Consider that the cocoa is very bitter, so if you decide to add more be sure to add more sugar too.

We fill the glass with milk.

Step 3: Licuamos / Blend


Licuamos un poco, solo para que los ingredientes se mezclen bien y el hielo se triture. No licúes demasiado tiempo ya que después el hielo no va a durar mucho y se hará liquido muy pronto.

¡Listo! Tenemos nuestro delicioso café frappé

Si tienes crema batida y chispas de chocolate agregalas y sabrá mejor ;D

¡Si lo preparan me encantaría saber si les gustó! Disfruten

Saludos :)


We blend a little, just to mix all the ingredients and the hice to crush well. Don´t do it too much time because then the ice won´t last much and will turn into water very soon.

Fianlly! we have our delicious Frappé Coffee.

If you have whipped cream and chocolate chips I´m sure I´ll taste better.

If you make this recipe I´ll love to know if you like it!

Enjoy :)



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    11 Discussions

    A translation to English would have been nice

    1 reply

    I´ll do it! n.n

    Also there is a translation right now in the comments, I just find out instructables mix the languages, weeks ago there where different.

    (I took Spanish for like six weeks in middle school so this is basically just google translate talking, but I attempted a translation below. Please let me know if the translation is right.)

    Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of Instant coffee, 1/2 tablespoon sugar, milk, ice, 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder, "a dash" of vanilla, and 3/4 cup ice cream.

    Put everything in one glass (she used a magic bullet blender bottle). Fill 1/4 of the glass with ice. Add the ice cream, coffee, sugar (she says she like black coffee so you might want to add a bit more sugar than her), cocoa, and vanilla. Then fill the rest of the glass with milk.

    Mix it in the blender just enough so the ice is crushed, too long and the ice will turn to water and it won't be good. Add whipped cream and chocolate chips if you like.

    6 replies

    Ok, in reviewing the pictures it seems that a "tablespoon" is not a specific measurement, but rather an average-sized dinner spoon.

    hmmm my bad, it´s not a tablespoon is a little bit smaller, its a soup spoon, the difference is not much, but thanks for saying it the next time I´ll use a tablespoon :)

    I made this and it was great! Two things I would add to my translation (maybe it was in the original recipe and I just didn't translate correctly):

    1. Instead of putting 3/4th cup of ice cream into the mixing cup, after putting the ice into the mixing cup, put the ice cream in until the mixing cup is 3/4ths full. Confusing, but you'll probably figure it out on your own.

    2. I didn't use actual vanilla since I couldn't find any and also I used vanilla ice cream. Tasted fine to me. Maybe the author's version is better but I think it works if you don't have any actual vanilla.

    Of course I´ll do it, I will add them in every step.

    the step 1 is like you put it later, that´s why I didn´t put the measures in the first step, and I use vanilla Ice cream and add more vainilla jajajajaja I´m fan of the vanilla

    Thanks! n.n

    Also, Silvia do you think you could add my translations to the end of step of your instructable? I think it would make it easier for more people to try your wonderful recipe, since more people on this site speak English than Spanish. Thanks for sharing!

    Yes! basically its all n.n

    The recipe is for 1 person

    Thank you it does sound like it is worth tryin

    Well done, i'm definately trying this!