CaffeIOT - Smart Coffee Machine for 'coffee' and 'health' Lovers With Intel Edison

Introduction: CaffeIOT - Smart Coffee Machine for 'coffee' and 'health' Lovers With Intel Edison

Hi ,

This was our first IOT based project and what can you expect more when you grab a chance to work upon the smartest chip available in the market - "The Intel Edison".

Idea Inspiration : A regular 9 hrs job with a loads of coffee machines in my office and my favorite coffee in my hands, I wonder.... what I am sipping in when I drink 9-10 cups of it in a single day.

Well. the idea was to make the coffee somehow talk to me with its contains and then we thought of creating one App and somehow let the coffee machine itself talk to my App when I get the coffee.

Well Idea seem to be simple but a little complicated to include feature that how the consumer won't have to worry about anything at all when he only want coffee in his office hours or normal daily routine , and then this leads us to make the coffee machine smarter with a very little circuitry hack.

Hardware :

1. some beacons

2. One cool App

3. Little programming of intel edison to communicate with the coffee machine and beacons.

Lets Hack the coffee machine! :

  1. Here we have to consider from two perspectives
    • Coffee Consumer
    • Coffee machine
  2. Coffee Consumer is just a normal person like you and me! And in no manner I would like to do a lot of trouble to get a cup of coffee! No Way! So we created one APP where the user can place the order before even walking towards the coffee machine with his choice of coffee. Now the order details are saved on cloud! that's it and he can grab his order from anywhere inside his office building.
  3. Now when the user reaches towards the coffee machine he can place the order number on the coffee machine and here comes the role of edison board which will take the order Id and the UUID of the beacon which is stick to the coffee machine making the system aware of its presence!
  4. Now the edison kit will talk to cloud for the order number and if its matched then it will capture the coffee details and serve the user with coffee.

Advantages :

1. Since beacons are tagged with the coffee machines so we can track them like the daily total consumption of machines and track from where the order is picked up.

2. users can actually RATE the coffee or the coffee machines!! [This idea could be very useful whencarried forward for coffee retailers like Starbucks!]

3. Beacons are provided to serve the user with anadvertisement of new coffee or the most favourite coffee on any particular machine.

How we did IT ?

1. Create one simple application [HTML 5 + cordova in our case] using intel XDK.

2. Setup the Intel Edison board and program the board over a web socket to send/receive the data over cloud.

3. We have used Amazon services to maintain the data over cloud for us.

4. Setup intel Edison to scan bluetooth devices to identify the Beacons connected to it and capture the Uuid of the beacon.

5. Finally when the coffee is served the coffee content is updated for that particular user and the user can view his daily consumtion of coffee/calorie intakes on his mobile APP as soon as the order is sucessful.

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    Great idea followed by great work..


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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! Its still under costruction but a tons of more related idea once we are hacking deeper! :)