Caffeinated Fiber Jelly

Introduction: Caffeinated Fiber Jelly

    This is Great for the on the go individual who might just be a little "backed up" I.E. Constipated.

This is my first Instructable, so bare with me. If you lack common sense do not do this, I am not held Liable if you screw this up or have a heart attack. If you follow this instructable from my instructions with out your parents consent, if you are under the age of 18, and something bad happens, remember, it isn't my fault you did this. However, Coffee will not kill you unless you use an inappropriate amount, then you just want to die or you don't know what you're doing and in that case, don't do it.  Other than that, Have fun making it.

This is a great pick me up and when refrigerated it will last a good week. Please list your comments below if you found/figured out something different.

Step 1: Ingredients You Need and a Warning

Things you will need:

>Spoon, spoon is for mixing of course and eating.

> Fiber-all or Metamucil or pretty much 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber.

>One small bowl

>Coffee 2 table spoons. It doesn't matter what kind as long as it is caffeinated not Decaf, Very Important.

>one Cup of water

>Coffee Maker and everything you would use to produce a cup of coffee, also important.

> Optional*- add a flavoring of your choice because fiber-all or Metamucil combined with Coffee is not the best flavor in the world,

                          I, However, enjoy my coffee black and plain because it removes a few steps.

WARNING : It has come to my attention Long ago that children should not use any caffeinated products without Parental consent,  Be sure to get your parents permission in case you are under the age of 18 if you want to try this.  You can have a heart attack if you use to much coffee and have heart problems, do not use if you are nursing because, well you should know this, coffee isn't good for babies.  Please use common sense when doing this, if you lack it, don't do it.

Step 2: The Making of the Caffeinated Fiber Jelly

1: make a cup of coffee.

2: add the two tablespoons of Fiber-all or Metamucil.

3: mix for 1 minute.

4: Put your mix in the fridge or whatever cooling unit you have available, if you put it in a bag of ice, please use common sense and put the coffee in a covered container before you place it in the ice.

5: It should only take about ten minutes for the mixture to turn to a thick gel.

6: eat it.

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