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There is no denying it, we live in a society fueled by caffeine. Coffee helps unzombify millions every morning. Energy drinks like Redbull and Monster keep people from falling asleep at their desks everywhere, and what college student hasn't used a combination of coffee, energy drinks, or NoDoz to aid in a late night cram session.

Although, despite caffeines obvious greatness, there are still some that do not approve of the culture. I speak specifically of Sleep Number, and their fake website wakey'z. They have the nerve to tantalize us with amazing caffeinated products, and then, just seconds after revealing it was all a sham, attempt to sell us a mattress. How dare you tempt me with delicious caffeinated owl wings and coffee cereal which turns the milk into triple shot espresso. I would much rather have those products than a stupid mattress! I say to hell with them all, I'll sleep when I'm dead!

//end caffeine fueled rant

Anyway, who needs fake websites to give us novel methods of consuming caffeine, we are perfectly capable of coming up with our own.

I now present to you the caffeinated jello shot.

(original idea, and 5 grams of anhydrous caffeine generously provided by talbotron22)

Step 1: Materials

Relatively simple shopping list

1. Caffeine powder (can be bought pure or made from ground up caffeine pills)
2. Jello, multiple flavors are recommended (so different colors can represent different dosage)
3. Shot glasses (Paper bathroom cups can be used, or cut down plastic cups)
4. Optional: B12 pills

Step 2: Deciding the Dosage

The caffeinated jello shots can be made at many different concentrations.

50mg- Mild energy rush
100mg- Enough energy for 80's dance night
200mg- Standard caffeine pill dose
300mg- Twitching starts. Jello shots begin to taste very bitter
400mg- Feelings of hopelessness set in
450mg- Makes coworkers angry

Not recommended to go past this point

500mg- Urge to kill puppies rises
600mg- Loss of reality begins to occur
10 grams (amount of caffeine in 100 cups of coffee)- The LD50 has long been passed. Futurama theorizes this is the point where the ability to move at hyper speed is gained.

Step 3: Preparing the Mixture

This step is only required if using the caffeine pills instead of a pure powder.

A 6 oz Jello package makes about 30 shots. The amount of pills needed depends on the desired caffeine dosage per shot. To make thirty 100 mg caffeine shots a total of 3 grams of caffeine is needed.

If using standard 200 mg pills, 15 will be needed. To grind the pills:

1. If mortar and pestle are available use those to grind the pills, if not place the pills on a sheet of paper.

2. Fold the paper in half, and go over it with a rolling pin or some other dense cylindrical object.

3. Keep rolling until the powder is similar in consistency to cocaine.

4. If using B12, grind some of those pills in to the mixture too. The specific amount of B12 used is not as important as the caffeine dosage. It is more of a season to taste, a few pills for a slight added energy boost or many for full energy double penetration.

Step 4: Mixing, Setting, and Serving

Mixing and refrigerating are the next steps in the production process.

Pour the ground up caffeine (and optional B12) into a large bowl with the jello powder, and mix thoroughly. Add the boiling water (follow the standard jello recipe on the box for exact amount of water) and stir thoroughly. Keep stirring until all the caffeine has completely dissolved into the solution.

Pour the solution evenly into 30 shot glasses (or small paper cups), and refrigerate for a few hours until jiggly.


Step 5: More Information

If you would like to learn more about caffeine and its greatness check out these websites:

Thinkgeek has an entire section devoted to this wonderful compound, and sells ACTUAL EXISTING products.

Wikipedia of course has more information then you would ever want to know about caffeine.

Erowid also has a lot of great information about caffeine, including effects and user experiences.

To see the effect of caffeine (and other drugs) on spiders go here.



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      6 years ago on Introduction

      Theoretically, for every 100 pounds of body weight, it would take about 6 grams of caffeine to kill you, and I'm pretty sure hyper speed doesn't apply to carcasses.


      6 years ago on Introduction

      Hey between me and you I use a different white powder from my "street pharmacist".


      8 years ago on Introduction

      Back in the old days coke & no name coke came in 3 qt bottles. I would buy 2 - "6 pks" of these to get through most of the week.                          First thing in the morning before even hitting the bathroom I used to stand at the fridge sucking one down, then the last little bit went into my cup. This cup was huge about 6 inches across the top, it stood on the top of the toilet tank while I was in shower, and I would grab some while showering.                                                                                                                At work I had another 6 pk in fridge for day use. I was working 40+ hrs, pulling 21 credits (mixed day and night classes). Since I was boss my schedule worked for mix of school and work. During college I would hit the coke machine, then drive back to work, then later night classes, then back to work, then home to homework, paperwork from work and my other 3 qt.                                                                                                                  My day started at 4am and generally ended around midnight.                    I am ADDH so it really worked to keep me focused - back then girls didn't have ADD let alone ADDH. So I was self medicating. Also a tea drinker .. My tea of choice is breakfast tea because you can get it dark enough the colour of the cup doesn't show and its not bitter.                        I went through horrible withdrawals when I dropped using coke. I am close to 60, rarely do coke anymore, but still am sucking down tea. My cup is smaller about 4.5 inches across and am using 8 tea bags for 2 cups. I go through 4-6 a day.  ... Ria

      3 replies

      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      That's crazy! I used to have two or three strong plunger coffees during my mornings off but when I tried that recently (now in my mid 30s) I got the jitters! And those energy drinks give me the heeby-jeebies!


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      I know I can't do the amount of caffeine I used to do. But still have to have it, or I have headaches. At least it's less than when I was younger .. Ria


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      Yeah had caffeine head aches before - closest I ever want to get to a migrane.


      8 years ago on Introduction

      Weird, haven't heard of those but my birth mom drinks Alchohol Jello shots O.o

      here is a much better idea, just keep a seperate fridge... or put the cups in the back.... or a child lock until they can read.... also... I eat jello :( and I am 16


      8 years ago on Introduction

      Looks like the perfect thing for turning all-night coding sessions into a party. BTW, my drink of choice at that big coffee chain whose name I shall not mention: Venti quad-shot sludge cup (20oz drip + 4 shots of espresso) - comes out to about 630mg caffeine. Even after downing one of those (in about 30 minutes) less than an hour after drinking an entire pot of standard drip I still experience no loss of reality or urge to kill puppies, etc. Speaking of which, I need to go start another pot, the blood level in my caffeine system is too high.

      2 replies

      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      630 mg is a MANLY dose - holy jeez! I think I would run coast-to-coast if I consumed that much. Your brain has probably downregulated your caffeine receptors, meaning you get less effect. The best solution for your wallet (and your physiology) would be to wean yourself off caffeine... until the point where 100mg gives you a boost. Then, only consume it for a true event (like an all-night coding session). There are cases of chronic tachycardia stemming from caffeine abuse. Just sayin. If I need a boost when I'm studying, I blast "Jukebox Hero" and do pushups :D ...Don't forget cold water + veggies! Gimme fiber for long-term energy.


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      Look at your leprechauns. Now back to me. Look at them again - Now back to me. Sadly, you've had so much caffeine that not only are you seeing leprechauns, but now they're ignoring you and chatting amongst themselves. :-)


      11 years ago on Step 2

      I understand what your talking about, found a rare item a while back called jolt gum two pieces = 1 cup of coffee, so what do i do? pop 12 pieces (i.e the whole pack) in 20 minutes, i was going nuts, though i don't remember wanting to kill puppies, i did finish my English assignment of finishing a short story (16 pages) in about an hour.

      5 replies

      well if you do the math, a cup of coffee is 100 mg of caffeine, and 2 pieces = a cup of coffee then, 50 x 12 = 600mg

      loss of reality should have occurred hmmmm...