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Introduction: Cake Decorations for the Beginner!

About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

I have never ever done more than butter icing for my cakes...and even then .. it was just splattered on top....My mom on the other hand was an expert was 25 years ago...she in fact won the all island cake decorating prize...she did a beautiful merry-go-round...which actually worked! she also did cakes which lighted....unfortunate she stopped all that....and is now an excellent seamstress :-D
When this contest came on...i thought how hard can it be?? piece of cake huh? Wrong!!
Oh i started with wild far fetched...and ended up with these 3...after so many trials and errors in half a day...yes...i nearly gave up!
So yeah....I'm a beginner when it comes to decorating a cake...hence the Title!

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Step 1: The Basic Cake

Make your basic cakes...i made yummy moist butter cake.
I wanted lot's of small know....preparing for i got cereal tins and tuna fish tins. cut them to sizes and baked my cake.
Next i sliced my cakes..and applied mock cream in between...i wanted my cakes to be tasty!...even on the off chance they turn out to be ugly! cant waste right??
Next i slapped on the butter icing...
Now i wanted a smooth those wonderful wedding do they do that??
called mom....marshmallow icing was the answer...or more like pouring  marshmallow icing....hmmm well let me say...that was a total ask why? well...i didn't know that gelatine had to be kept in airtight containers....i used some which was bought i don't know when....and it was not in an air tight container.
I thought....not going that way again...went and bought new gelatine...and thought...lets try gum paste icing...surfed the net....what in the world is Tylose ... nope couldn't find it in the super market...guess not available in Asia...
called her recipe..
well...i didn't ask the total she was kind of next...almost disaster... I nearly gave up now...thought to make toffee ...but then i was stubborn in wanting to try...and not waste the syrupy thing ......and it turned out pretty great! make gum paste are supposed to melt only the water, cram of tartar and gelatine mixture...then take it off the fire... and then knead in the icing sugar and cornflour...well ...i cooked the  the icing sugar ...since it wasn't becoming a dough...i figured...this is not the way...oh dear...give up?? well..cant waste....there are so many people starving! let's try and save it....i just added more icing sugar and then heaped in cornflour too... (after taking off fire of course!)....guess tasted good...not too sweet...just marzipan. My son loved it...he was trying to eat my icing...i told ....sure...after i finish and take can do what ever you want with it!

Step 2: The Mini Tiered Cake

I wanted to make a wedding the Tiered Cakes...I wanted to make lovely natural flowers... obviously that was farfetched... so thought to stick to simple ribbon roses, and buds
Stack up your 3 sized cakes...before stacking up the last...insert barbecue sticks and cut them to size....then add the final cake.
Roll out your gum paste icing...cut a circle bigger than the top cake...drape it over the cake and gently press around.
now cut strips about 0.5 or 0.75 inches wide...and sort of flatten the edges...with your fingers or a tool...slowly ruffle up and wrap around the cake...this covers up your imperfections in butter icing :-)
make your ribbon roses...cut strips off the icing...and fold a triangle...then roll..cut the ends at an angle and finish off...check pictures
for the bud...just flatten a circle with your fingers and roll it in to a bud....i'm sure you would have done this when you played with clay :-D
Cover the top with roses... and in between the ruffles...insert little rose buds.
dip your paint brush in edible silver dust and brush on the edges of the ruffles lightly.
brush slightly on the rose which are on the top of the cake.
Isn't that cute? My husband was kids were thrilled! yeah...they are having it for school tomorrow. :-D

Step 3: Marbled Cake Decoration i had lots of icing remaining....what do i do?
Shall we play clay??? Lets!
I made 4 different colored balls with the icing and rolled them in to lines and then rolled them into a swirl and then pressed them together and rolled them you get a marbled look.
drape over the cake...shape it and cut
make ribbon roses out of the same marbled icing and place on cake.
done!...well...aren't we becoming quick?? :-)

Step 4: Sptty Dotty Cake

yes...i still had some icing remaining...and i was getting the hang of it..yippee
roll up your white icing and in previous steps....simple huh?
I used a pen nib and bottle caps and medicine measuring lid for the 3 sizes.
So it's pretty basic....cut circles and paste! are done!

Conclusion : If i can do can everyone of you...go ahead and make your own wedding and birthday cakes... show off your skills!

hey....if you like this...please rate and vote...Thanks!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Only the 3 layered takes a lot of patience....i guess cause it was my first time...the other 2 was very quick i was surprised by the speed of it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    corn flour? without getting it cooked?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction's done in most recipes. didn't have any problems with the stomach. :-)