Cake Pop Monster Heads




Introduction: Cake Pop Monster Heads

This was an impromptu project to hold the cake pop eyeballs for an office halloween party. I am not normally this "crafty" but they turned out ok.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

2 styrofoam balls
Different colored tissue paper (construction paper would work too)
Glue gun
Heavy foam board
Cutting board
Xacto knife

Step 2: Preparing the Heads

Cut the balls in half. I wasn't able to cut it with the Xacto knife. I used a large bread knife with a serrated blade. Then, I shaped a triangle of the ball to form an opening when it lays flat.

Step 3: Cover the Top

Using the glue gun, line the edge and press the desired color of tissue paper along the edge and be careful, the glue is hot (as I was burned plenty of times).

Then, using the Xacto knife to trim off the extra tissue paper. Leave a little lip. You can cover with the mouth coverage and the teeth. They are great for fixing flubs.

Step 4: Cover the Mouth

Line the edge of the under part of the head and mouth with the glue gun and press the pink tissue paper or other mouth color. Remember that the glue is hot and burns.

Trim off excess pink around the mouth and under the head.

Step 5: Add the Back Teeth

Using the heavy foam board, cut out triangles in fang shapes and measure the back teeth to hold up the front of the head. Glue the teeth into position and test that the head is stable.

Step 6: Add the Other Teeth

Cut the rest of the teeth smaller than the back teeth and glue them around the edge of the mouth overhang.

Step 7: Insert Your Eyes

After making your cake pops (shaped like eyeballs), carefully insert them so they appear to be part of your monster heads. Be sure to position the eyes far enough back so they don't poke through the bottom of the mouth.

I used my hand to hold the head steady while inserting the eyes. They are off balance as you insert from one side to the other until they are all in.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Great edible decoration at kids parties!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome job.

    You could replace the "pops" with painted ping pong balls, or small Styrofoam balls, and have a more permanent display.