Cake and Life




Introduction: Cake and Life

This cake is about my life! On the road of my life will not smoothly.May be i will meet different difficulties. But i will not be defeated for my dream. I will defeat the difficulties, climb to the top of my life!

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Step 1: Preparing It

Material preparation is ad follows:

1.Amount of cooked rice 2.Butter 3.Marmalade 4.Cream 5.Granola

6.Niblet 7.Noodles 8.Pomegranate 9.Mint and sweets

Step 2: Making It

Steamed rice,Stir the rice together, then make the shape that we need.Apply the cream on the surface.Put it in the fridge for a night.To move it at second days,then apply a thick layer of butter on the surface.

Step 3: Decorating It

Use kinds of candies to pinch out the shapes what we need. We use broccoli instead of the mountain. Around the outer with corn kernels to do the decoration. At the bottom lay a layer of pomegranate seed. After adjustment, A delicious cake came out!

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