Cake in a Pressure Cooker ( Family Recipe)




Introduction: Cake in a Pressure Cooker ( Family Recipe)

Have a dorm birthday coming up? and don't have an oven? or even a microwave? well you can make a cake in a pressure cooker and feed it 5 or more people :) like we used to when we didn't owned an oven ( we stil don't)

This is a recipe by my grandma's sister :D

ignore the decor... i am new at it lol

i hope you like it.

Step 1: Ingredients

4 eggs

1 cup sugar

250 ml fresh cream thick cream without milk* or you can your thick heavy cream.

2 cups maida sifted (all purpose flour)

1 tsp baking powder

orange zest optional

vanilla essence optional

*( the one which we take out after boiling milk and cooling in it refrigerator. )

Step 2: Eggs and Sugar

incorporate eggs and sugar and blend it on high speed

or you can use icing sugar and eggs.. and mix by hand.. however it will take more time :)

Step 3: Flour

add baking powder into the flour and sift it.. ( i mixed it later too)

Step 4: Add Egg Mixture

please do not perform the following steps in a beater.. it will ruin your cake.

add egg mixture ( hands were washed while i worked in it) in to the flour mixture and mix

Step 5: Add Cream

please do not perform the following steps in a beater.. it will ruin your cake.

lightly beat the cream so there are no lumps and add it

your batter is ready ( do not over mix)

Step 6: The Base

place a round wax paper inside the pressure cooker

(what i did was that i inverted the cooker on top of the wax paper i draw line around it, leaving a gap of 2 inches.)

Step 7: Place Your Batter Inside

Step 8: Cook on Low Heat

you need to cook at very low heat for about 45 min.

a tip

the flame should not touch the base of the cooker ... see the picture

cover the cooker with lid and whistling equipment ( no idea what it's called)

Step 9: After 45 Min

open the lid and use a tooth pick* to check it it's cooked. if it comes out clean it is .. or leave it for another 5 min.. ( don't cook more then 1 hour)

*do not use knife/fork or it will cause cracks like in my cake..

slice in two after it's cold... and decorate it ..

or simply enjoy it with tea coffee :)

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    4 years ago

    great way of cooking cake in cooker...just 1 question what can i use in case i don't have wax paper?? i need to make the cake today itself as its my husband's birthday.

    please help!!!


    Reply 2 years ago

    nespaper , magzine paper. sorry so sooooooooooooo late reply


    5 years ago

    great for a person like me(without an oven)


    Reply 4 years ago

    yup,every recipe needs an oven


    5 years ago

    This is great! Camping and vintage trailer enthusiasts are always looking for pressure cooker recipes, and desserts tend to be in short supply. I'll definitely mark this to try next camping season, and be the heroine of the potluck! Thanks for posting this.