Introduction: Cake:Tiramisu

Bake free cake that is delicious and quite easy to make. Use your creativity n the decorating it is always up to you however your heart desires it. Make new ideas and new ways to make the cake and please share;)

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Step 1: Coffee

Put 3 tablespoons of coffee into a medium bowl and pour 3 cups of hot water.Then put it aside and let it cool.

Step 2: Cream

While the coffee cools down prepare the cream filling for the cake. Take 14oz of sweetened condensed milk , 8 grams of vanilla sugar, 10 grams of whip it and 1/3 cup of half and half. Put it all into a mixing bowl along with 2 tablespoons of liquor (any your heart desires) and mix on high speed for about 8-10 min. Then put the Cream into the freezer for 5 mn.

Step 3: Cake

Dip the ladyfingers into the coffee bowl and lay them out into the platter in a vertical row close to each other. after finishing the first row pour the cream on top. make cookie crumbs and put some on top of the cream (this is optional). then continue to the next row. repeat the process except this time put the ladyfingers horizontally. a third row is optional.

Step 4: Topping

For the topping just use your creativity to decorate the top. I love to use cookie crumbs and cocoa or shredded chocolate. Use what you like and enjoy your bake free cake.

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    3 years ago

    Yum! This looks so good!