This project is a minecraft cake,one of my favorite foods in minecraft (and one of my real life favorites of course!) and i thought i would make a knitted version of it and i will be honest,its kind of making me hungry.......



Yarn: (I got red heart super saver yarn) medium 4 worsted weight 100% Acrylic

Needles: 4.25mm US3 needles

Knitting Abbreviations:



k2tog=knit 2 stitches together


CO=cast on(add sts)

BO=bind off (taking sts off)

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Step 1: The Main Part


Cast on (CO) 10 sts

Row 1-9:Knit(K) 9 rows stockinette stitch (St st)

Row 10:Co 10 sts then knit the rest of the row (20 sts in end)

Row 11:Co 10 sts then knit the rest of the row (30 sts in end)

Row 12:Knit the row in white (30 sts)

Row 13: do the same as the 12th row

Row 14:Knit 2 orange and then Knit 2 white across (30 sts)

Row 15:Same as 14th row

Row 16-44:K rows in St st (orange)

Row 45:Bo (bind off)

Step 2: Different Ways........

You can make chocolate cake (yum!) and carrot cake and others,

you can also make the cake different sizes and colors and with different size needles for different yarn,

(sew the piece from a small T to a square! sorry I could not fit it in the last step,ran out of room)

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