Introduction: Caleidoscope

create you own caleidoscope to help in creative projects and to see the world in a different way!

Step 1: Materials:

-3 pieces of mirror 2x15cm(you can ask to any glazier cut it for you, it is very cheap)

-insulating tape

-ink and paper(optional)

Step 2: How To:

-put the 3 pieces down like the first image (it is important to leave a space between them)

-put a stripe of insulating tape on the spaces(2nd and 3rd picture)

-make a triangle with the pieces and make sure one edge makes an angle with the other piece(pic 4 and 5)

- after you close the triangle put another stripe of tape on the edges that meet without tape(pic 6)

-you will notice the edges are not quite firm, then you have to make sure they are in the correct position and put a tape around the whole triangle, forcing the pieces together(pic 7)

- make sure the angles are right(pic 8)

-cut out the excess tape and make sure you cant see the tape from inside

(optional) wrap a paper around it and draw whatever you like

-Enjoy your new caleidoscope(pic 9 and 10)

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