Calibrating Hobby Servo Motors Using Arduino

Introduction: Calibrating Hobby Servo Motors Using Arduino

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Be it an RC car or a Humanoid Robot, Servo motors would play a vital role in the project. So I am making this Instructable so that using this Servo motor will be easy and programming it will get a lot more easier. Because it was initially hard for me to control these servo motors and I damaged my hardware set up by making the servo motor to rotate beyond the designed angle.

If you are not a novice and would like to save time by not reading through each line of this instrutables then, jump into my youtube Video provided above.

By using this program we can pass values like Motor number, From angle and To angle to the arduino board and check how the motor works. So to conclude this is a simple easy to use program for people who are new with servo motors and Arduino.

Step 1: Go Ahead and Try Out the Program

I tested this code on my coconut tree climbing robot(shown in pic above) and it saved me a lot of time in calibrating it. Now i have attached the code for you people to try it out on your project where you have to test each servo motor with different angles.

I have added comment lines in the program the to help you people, if you wanna know the more jump back to the video in introduction page.

Let me if it help you through the comment section.

Happy learning!!



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    Figured it out. In Arduino 1.8.3 the magnifying glass in the upper right, after selecting it, informs me it is the serial monitor. Maybe should add in how the serial monitor is used to enter values for the servos.

    In your video at 9:03, where are you entering those values in? I don't understand what in your code created that place to enter the values.