Call of Duty:Nazi Zombies Perk-a-Cola Bottles

These drinks are from the popular game Call of Duty. These beverages only appear in a special game mode known as Nazi Zombies. The player can purchase the drink for in game money and it will give them unusual and beneficial abilities to aid in their war against the undead. This game mode is only featured in Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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Step 1: Collect Your Materials

You will need: 4 screw-top bottles 1 container of residue removing product 1 container of food color with red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring 1 container of super glue 1 black sharpie 1 sheet of DIY sticker paper or mailing labels 1 old rag

Step 2: Prepare Your Bottles

First, peel the paper or plastic label from the outside of the bottle. Discard the label. Next, remove the caps from the bottles and drink or drain the liquid. Thirdly, wash out the bottles and take your residue removing product outside. Spray some of the product on the rag and scrub the areas of the bottle where there is still leftover glue from the label. Your bottles are now ready.

Step 3: Add the Label

Save the two pictures of the labels onto your computer. Open a Microsoft Word document and drag both pictures in. The smaller ones are for the caps and do not need to be resized. The larger ones are too small and need to be bigger to properly fit the bottle. Resize the picture and print out some test sheets on regular paper to make sure they are the right size. When you are ready, put the label paper in your printer and print the document. Two things to be careful of: 1. Don't select photo paper for your printer settings. Although shiny, you should use the same settings as regular paper, or it will come out of the printer as a blotchy mess. 2. Know if your printer flips the paper as it feeds it in. My printer does, so I have to put the paper in upside down.

Step 4: Fill the Bottles

Fill the all the bottles with water up to the same height, carefully so you don't spill any on the labels. Use of a funnel is suggested. Follow this guide for adding your food coloring: Double tap root beer- 1 red drop 1 green drop a lot of yellow drops Juggernog- 1 yellow drop a lot of red Quick revive 1 green drop a lot of blue Speed Cola- 1 blue drop a lot of green Use something like a wooden skewer to mix the food coloring into the water, so it can reach down into the bottle. Just add the food coloring to match the picture.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To finish off your bottles, you are first going to color the tops of your bottle caps with black sharpie to hide any previous label. Then, put super glue all around the lip of your bottle and screw your cap back on. Finally, apply the cap label in the center of the cap, facing the label.

Step 6: Afterwards

These bottles make great decorations for any fan of the game. They can also be given as gift or used as props in short films. If you have any other requests for video game props or memorabilia, pm me on reddit at Bantonn.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is super cool! I'm gonna have to try this some time. Have you tried making the other ones?

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    Dude follow me and you'll see all 15 of the perks dude


    6 years ago

    Not trying to offend you, but did you get those pictures of another instructable?


    6 years ago

    Can u make a juggernog machine ovr a mini fridge that opens n stuff