Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Solo Strategy

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This is a guide on a strategy I have for Ascension. I have gotten round 10+ with this solo strategy, and it works quite well.

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Step 1: Round 1-2

Round 1: Buy the M14, knife only. If you have enough also buy quick revive. About 600 points should be left over at most
Round 2: If you have enough money, open the first 2 doors. Make a crawlie to make this easier on you, for it is easy to get overwhelmed
by zombies in the stairwells

Step 2: Rounds 3-4

Round 3: If getting overwhelmed, buy the MPL. If not, make a crawler with a grenade, open the last door, and hit the box until you run out of points or get a good weapon (Ray Gun, Machine Gun)
Round 4: 2 ways to go here. Either camp back in the centrifuge room longer. or open the door leading to PHD Flopper, call the lander, and hold out there. If you have Ray Gun, buy PHD Flopper. It can help quite a bit, by eliminating splash damage from the ray gun and all explosives.

Step 3: Monkey Round

At about round 5, the monkeys should come, but only if you have turned the power on. You can defend 1 perk, or attempt to run back and forth between the perks, which is hard because they are spaced apart alot, if you got a revive and PhD Flopper. Remember, the monkeys can stun when killed if close enough. Don't worry if you loose a perk, you can buy it again at the end of the round. The priority should be quick revive, because you can only buy it 3 times.

Step 4: Round 6-9

Rounds 6-7: Holding your position is the top priority. It is easy to get overwhelmed in PhD Flopper because of the large space. You should always have a lander there, and if you want, you can buy claymores.(Claymores are at the lunar lander in the junk yard, near Stamin-Up). You get 2 claymores per round, but you can stack them by placing them against a wall each round and then picking them all up when you need them the most.

Rounds 8-9: This is where it becomes harder. You should have a good 3000-5000 to spend, even if you kept buying ammo or frag grenades. Make a crawler in these rounds, and use the lunar landers. Activate the launch sequence and get back to PhD Flopper until you have enough points to Pack-A-Punch (PAP) a gun.

Check out this video (NOT BY ME) to see the rocket launch.

Step 5: Rounds 10+

At this point, it is homefree. You should have a Revive and enough points to PAP your guns. A tip for PAP a gun is to wait until it is out of ammo, because you can get all the ammo back and the PAP ammo. You should't camp in PAP because the 2 windows and the door can get overwhelming after a while. When you get back to PhD, you should remember to call the lander back, because it can be extremely helpful to have an escape at any time.
Circle Strategy: Run in a circle and let the zombies chase you. Then use a powerful weapon to take them out. Thanks to a guy in the comments for remembering this.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey not to mention circle stratey (greatly used in kino der toten) In ascension there are 4 (i think) spots in which it works well. the starting room, Flopper, PaP and junkyard(lander by the ak on the wall) If circle strateys is new to you, it's were you run in a path (circle) and the zombies follow you. Then you can turn around while still runing the circle and shoot with your gun. Or using a thunder gun to blow 'em all away!
    I use that a lot mostly and flopper place. It can be a risky move but when it works out it's great!
    Here's a link to a youtube video of someone using it. It's not me and the first part he has insta kill so he doesn't do it right away but you'll see what I mean.
    (sorry if the link doesn't work! Just copy n paste)

    9 replies

    I personally love the circle strategy at Flopper. It is big and has a close by lunar lander. You ever take out all the zombies on round 13 with 2 mp5k clips and 2 claymores when your 2 partners died? I did using the circle strategy.


    Yes it's very good 'cause you can run down the steps and buy more mp5k ammo then continue getting millions of points! I haven't done that but around round 15 or somthing all 3 of my teammates died at the beggining of the round, I ran to the lander and got my machine gun out and wasted that ammo. but I was out and I didn;t want to lose so I just used my back up: Thunder gun!it was pretty cool. I have never bought claymores but I should sometime soon!lso in one game, around lvl 24 or so I had roughly 40000 points! pretty beast! anyway what counsle do you use? xbox, ps3 or wii?


    First Strike is really fun. You gotta look up reviews and stuff first, it's mainly for hardcore gamers and addicts. I'm both so its perfect for me. My favorite map is Kowloon.


    Fastest fire rate of Machine Guns, good choice. Use extended mags to be most effective. Running warlord might help for some vision, I never liked the iron sights.


    And Also, it is easy to just throw grenades in their too! You should check out my search and destroy one too, it contains about the same amount of tips

    My goal, once again, is to help noobs. And only trolls and noobs don't understand that. I'm feeling that your both, after trash talking all my instructables.

    1st off, dont buy the M14, on the 1st round take 6 shots into the zombies with your pistol then stab, 2nd round and up shoot 8 times and stab, round 4 or 5 leave to buy the mp5k and stay in that area until round 8 or 9, then hit the box and so on and so on.

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    round 1 solo 4 rounds knife, multiple people 5 rounds knife.
    round 2 6 rounds knife
    round 3 8 rounds knife, i get m14 cause its easy to rack up +100's on headshots and i dont open any door til after 5, then i run
    to the stakeout chill for a round then run to the power

    1 reply

    Just some advice but for the first few rounds you may want to change it to say something like
    1. Buy quick revive only. Shoot each zombie 4 times with the pistol then knife it.
    2-3 Shoot each zombie 6 times and then knife it. If you run out of ammo, buy the next room and mpl.

    I've found shooting each zombie before stabbing racks up loads more points then not buying the m14 saves a lot of money because it really is not necessary. The mpl is a much better deal.

    3 replies