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In this Instructible I will tell you about how to play basketball!

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Step 1: First You Need to Know the Positions

Here are the positions in Basketball:

  1. Point Guard
  2. Shooting Guard
  3. Small Forward
  4. Power Forward
  5. Center

Step 2: Here Is How to Score Points in Basketball!

Points are scored in the following way:

  • The Free Throw - If you are Fouled (if the Referee blows the whistle because someone hurt or hit you) you go to the Foul Line and shoot Free Throws. Each Free Throw, if you make it, counts as 1 point.
  • The Inside Shot - This shot scores 2 points.
  • The Three Point Shot - This shot scores three points for a ball shot outside the Three Point Line.

Step 3: This Is a Little Introduction to Basketball

I hope you will LIKE my Instructible!

Thanks for watching!


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