Calvin and Drew LED Lamp



Introduction: Calvin and Drew LED Lamp

4 inch PVC coupling
2 in PVC Gaiting gun connector
3/4 in PVC pipe
22 LED Diodes 
1/4 in plywood
2 paper clip 
1 Motor
USB power adapter 
Electric tape
soldering iron

Step 1: Step 1: the Circuit

- Cut out a circular piece of plywood that measures 2 1/8 in in diameter
- Drill 1 hole in the center for the motor and 22 holes surrounding the center where the diodes will be placed
- Connect 2 LEDs in series linking the positive end with one LED to the negative end of the other LED solder the two LED together using the solder and the soldering iron so that you will end up with a total of 11 branches.
- Connect and solder each of the 11 branches in parallel to the power source (USB power adapter)
- Run 2 wires through  the 1 inch PVC pipe 

Step 2: Step 2: the Frame

- The 4 Inch coupling will serve as the base for the lamp
- Drill a 1/2 inch hole near the bottom of the coupling
- Connect the 4 in pipe to the coupling 
- Wrap 2 strips aluminum foil around the 1 inch pipe. This mechanism will be used so that the wires wont get tangled up when the motor spins the lights

Step 3: Step 4: the Frame

- Next, attach two wires to the motor and ren them through the 1 in pipe then glue it to the top of the pipe
- Place the plywood with the led light sources inside the 4 inch pipe
- Use foram board inside the 4 inch pie so that the 1 inch pipe will stand up securely.
- Lastly, place the gatling gun adapter on top of the 4 inch PVC pipe

Step 4:

This lamp need two power sources because the 5 volts provided in by the USB power source isn't sufficient for both the motor and the 22 LED diodes

Connect the wires to the USB adapter and enjoy the spinning LED lights!

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