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Pizza is anything you make it. Diverge too much from the classic margherita and you don't have a pizza. Make a flat bread with red sauce, cheese and meat and all you have is a pizza, know what I mean? So, what do you think, did I diverge too much? You be the judge.
Well, you and my kids, who loved these volcano pizzas. We ate them while watching Life on Fire on PBS. Lava is hot!

Step 1: Set-Up

Use what you want for ingredients. I labeled these photos with what I used. For instance, I thought cheddar and mozzarella mixed would be best for lava-like eruptions but just mozzarella would work. Soft, pliable dough is pretty critical.

The bundt cake pan is perfecto for for a volcano shape. If you don't have one you could use a funnel. If you don't have that either then you should certainly have bought a funnel by now. It's 2013, people. Buy your funnels and bundt cake pans!

1.Separate your dough into equal parts and make some rounds.
2.Stretch them into the the center of the oiled cake pan and press your thumb down into the peak part to thin it out. This step will make it easier to pierce the peak after it is filled.
3.Pack in the sauce and cheese and whatever else you like.
4.Cover that with another round and seal it really well.
5.Up-end the pan and shake the volcano out onto the baking sheet.
6.Crimp the edges and pierce the peak. Top with a little cheese. The heat will do the rest.

If you want to make them really pretty then brush the lovely things with egg wash.

Bake at 350 until crispy and golden.

Step 2:

Crispy on the bottom, crackly on the top and soft and savory all the way through. These are very fun to eat and really simple to make. It took us about an hour, including rising time, but all of that time was also spent inventing, playing and encouraging the kids. I can't think of a better way to spend an hour.
If you make some of these Calzanos please message me or send me pictures. It would really make our day.

Thanks to Claramecium, Elijah (for taking out the garbage), Viv and Audrey for helping so much. You're the most adventurous kids!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have an easier suggestion for the bottom dough round.

    Tear two pieces of waxed paper. Spread about a tablespoon on flour on the bottom piece of waxed paper. Place the ball of dough on top. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of four on top of the dough. Flatten it out slightly with your hand. Place the second piece of waxed paper on top. Use a rolling pin to roll out a round of dough however large you choose. (Note: If you do not have a rolling pin, use any size cylindrical jar or container. Most people have a plastic cylinder of peanut butter or a cardboard cylinder of table salt around the house.)

    Remove the top piece of waxed paper. Sprinkle again with about one teaspoon of flour on top of the dough. Replace the second piece of waxed paper. Flip the dough over while both sheets of waxed paper are still covering the dough. Remove the top waxed paper and finish as instructed to make the volcano.

    Initially this may sound like a little more work, but in fact, it is much easier. The advantage of this method is that the dough will slide off the bottom piece off waxed paper with complete ease. This is especially easy if you plan to use a pizza pan that is filled with holes to allow for a crispier crust or if you are making a huge volcano.

    The whole volcano idea is really cool!! I wish I had known about it a few years ago. It would have been great for one of the numerous huge parties that resulted from a few simple texts from my daughter to a few friends. Five invites frequently resulted in fifty plus hungry teenagers. Young people are so great. Their energy and enthusiasm are absolutely contageous!!

    Well, you are just so clever! Love you work! Right up my alley! Good luck to you! looking forward to seeing more of how your mind works! Cheers! -Cath

    2 replies

    High praise from a woman with highly respectable work. I'm coming out to your island this summer. Maybe I could see your delicious creations in person. Your innovation and attention to beauty would be inspiring in the flesh for a culinary amateur like me.
    Skol- TheDuluthRagazzo


    6 years ago on Introduction

    It's both lava-y and yummy lookin. I think the ratio of crust to topping is crucial in pizza and you're spot on. Bravissimo, fratellino!

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    Thank you. BTW, we use 'scoochmaroo' as a verb at our house:
    "How'd you like a cake pop? I just scoochmarooed a bunch of them."