Camel Keychain Repair (Sugru Project)

Quick and easy project to repair a camel keychain using Sugru. This is a wooden keychain that connects to the key ring using a screw with an eyelet. The boring inside the wood eventually had been stripped out and the screw was slipping out. So, I used Sugru to secure it back into place.

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Step 1: Shape the Sugru

After removing the screw from the wooden camel, roll the Sugru into a long cylindrical shape. Once you have it thin enough, thread it into the hole. Remove any excess.

Step 2: Set the Screw

I removed the heavy ring from the screw so it didn't weigh it down. Next, I twisted the screw into the Sugru until it was back at its regular depth. Once in place, allow the Sugru to harden. After 24 hours, I now have a fully repaired keychain.

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