Camera Belt Clip

Introduction: Camera Belt Clip

This is my first instructable, and is my first step in creating something more refined, and long lasting hopefully.

I have recently bought a my first SLR camera which is way bulkier and cumbersome than my previous pocket sized camera. I want to be able to keep it secure but handy whilst out walking, and I have seen that there are plenty of holsters, clips and fancy strap systems around which look tempting. However, my budget is none-existent really, having spent a lot of money on the camera (irony anyone?) so I thought that I could probably make something half decent for my self.

I had seen several metal clips that had a groove to allow a nut fixed to the camera to slide down, and let gravity keep things in place, with the option of locking it off for extra security. This got me thinking....

This is more of a test of concept as much as anything else, but if it inspires someone else to make something that's all for the better.

I didn't photograph during the process, as I was faffing around a lot, but it's pretty simple.

I used:

Short 1/4 inch screw, with nut and a small washer
large dish shaped washer (mine was from a drill polishing kit)
old belt, mine was woven synthetic material, but I will use leather next time
some leather scraps
leather stitching tool

A craft knife, metal ruler and a cutting mat.

Please use sharp blades sensibly.

Also, if you do follow this instructable or are inspired to make a clip for an expensive or even cheap camera, you are responsible for making sure it is fit for purpose. This was a test project for me, and I will be working on it to make it more robust. I will also be practicing my stitching.

Step 1: Making It.

Combining the nut, small washer, larger dished washer and the bolt i made mount that fits the cameras tripod mount hole.

Next I cut a 100mm and a 220mm length off an old belt. The shorter part is for the slotted front and the other is for the back and belt loop.

I cut a long slot down the front section, and glued a 2 20mm length of thin leather around each internal edge, to stop fraying and make things look a little nicer (not sure if it worked!). I used a lighter to try and seal the cut edges, with mixed success, but this is optional.

I then used some very uneven stitching to fix the front to the back section, making sure that the stitching along the long edges was only just wide enough for the nut to fit down; this left a large portion to fold backwards to create the belt loop at the top. This was then (badly) stitched down to finish things off.

Step 2: In Conclusion

The mounting bolt slides nicely down into the clip, and is surprisingly secure, i have tried to pull down it with pretty much all my strength at it seems to be really secure, and almost self locking, and the stitching is holding well. Also I have waggled the clip around the room wildly with my new camera in it, and it hasn't budged. The top of the slot is fraying, but in all, I'm pleased with my first effort, which works well on my belt and fits nicely on my backpack chest strap too. Hopefully my next effort wont look so, erm, homemade!

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