Camera Dolly From Recycled Parts




About: I love writing, I make video in MY UPLOADED VIDEOS channel in Youtube for my instruction, and i love making something.

Camera dolly used for smooth camera movements. The price is quite expensive. so i made this for free, From recycled Parts.

This camera dolly can use for Digital camera, SLR & DSLR camera.

Ok now lets make it!!!

Step 1: You Need

- 2 wheels from old roller skates (if you not have this, you can use wheels from old toys)

- Screwdriver & some tools

- Bolt

- Hexnut

- Metal washer

- Metal plate with 3 holes

- And look Image

Step 2: Insert the Bolt

Insert 2 same size bolt into the metal plate

Step 3: Join Them

Join the metal plate with bolt into the wheels, and fix it with metal washer and hexnut.

reinforced with your tools

Step 4: Insert Another Bolt

Insert 4 milimeter bolt and washer to middle of the metal plate. fix it with hexnut and your tools.

And repeat the same process to another wheels.

Step 5: Finish

Thanks for look my work

I hope you can make better than me..

Please check my another project.




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