Camera Phone Extendible Video Boom

Introduction: Camera Phone Extendible Video Boom

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Camera Phone Extendable Video Boom

This is an easy build with excellent results. If you want to shoot video with a whole new perspective, this is the answer.  You can capture great images, it's very lightweight, it gives you precision control and allows you smooth fluid maneuvers at angles and positions otherwise impossible.  If you want to add a whole new dimension of capturing pictures and videos the possibilities are out there, all you have to do is make it. 

If you collect tripods, camera mounts, cell phone cradles like I do, you probably already have everything you need... if you don't it's easy.

You are now on a mission to search thrift stores, Goodwill, garage sales, and salvage yards.  You will be  be able to find everything you need (and never knew you needed), when you get back from this mission...!

You can save money by searching out the damaged and broken pieces. The cost isn't very much to begin with but if it is something you are going to destroy anyway why not save a few bucks? For example, if you find a broken tripod it will work with some tape or wire.

MATERIAL LIST: $20.00 or less

Tri Pod / Camera Mount 
Phone Cradle similar to the one pictured. * The phone needs to secure in Landscape Position *
Golf Club Grip (It won't be a problem finding one at any of the places listed above)
Velcro Strap 
If you're not able to find something suitable for the phone cradle, online they are less than $10.00.

***Video Tip of the Day***
Be sure to HOLD the PHONE / CAMERA in LANDSCAPE POSITION when shooting video for optimal viewing during playback.

Below is the link to a video I made using this item during a parade of Custom Tot Rod Strollers (short kids in mini cars). This would also be great for filming or taking pictures of cats or dogs, anything that is low to the ground or too high to reach.


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