Camera Rig for Workbench Hands-free Videos



Introduction: Camera Rig for Workbench Hands-free Videos

I wanted to film some workbench videos, and always got frustrated
with the results of fixing the camera, and the small tripod, to the workbench, and so. So I got to thinking, how about some kinda rig for an handheld camera, that would leave your hands free, AND still allowed you to move back and forth, and around the workbench? Here's what I came up with, you strap a backpack, with a cardboard box inside, and a block of styrofoam with slots for the tripod, plug the camera&tripod into it, and with some rubber band, Voila, hands-free videos! To recap, you need: - A Backpack -A Camera with Tripod -A Cardboard box -A block of Styrofoam

-A Rubber band

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Step 1: Styrofoam Block

Gram some Styrofoam, and cut it to the inside dimensions of the Cardboard box.

Step 2:

If it's a Tripod you've got, cut 3 slots for the Tripod's legs to be firmly anchored on that block.

If you don't have a Tripod, get a screw that fits the Camera's bottom threaded hole, and fix it trough a hole on the cardboard's top. (Not shown).

Step 3: Block Goes In

You plug the Block into the Cardboard box, and sink it to the box's bottom.

Yes, I have an ugly Tripod thingamajig! :v

Step 4: How It Will Go Together

There you have it, almost ready!

The camera will always point down at the space between your hands, because you strap the backpack...

To the front, not the back of you.

Step 5: Neck Strap

So as the camera won't wobble around, get some rubber band, and strap it to your neck.


Step 6: Side View


Now you can talk, work, move around, the camera will do the right thing...

Film what you do, as it was you seeing it.

First Person Gizmo Making Movies!

Step 7: Goblethegook

Not Goblethegook, actually, rather some mumblings in Portuguese, to make the point that you can talk, work, move, and the Camera will faithfully record away.

Have a go at it!

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