Camera Slider Dolly DIY With a Laser Cutter

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This is a really interesting and useful build for anyone who shoots movies or video. Our camera dolly slider is a great cinematography accessory that should be part of every photographers equipment list. Total build cost is less than $15.00!

The INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO is fun to watch!

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Step 1: Things Needed for This Build

1 piece 4' X 2' .188" (5mm) MDF

2 pieces 48.0" long, 1.0" diameter wood dowel

8 pieces R8 (6mm ID, 22mm OD) roller bearings

8 pieces #10-32 machine screws

8 pieces #10-32 nuts

24 #10 washers

wood glue

Step 2: Laser Cut All Parts

Download and laser cut these parts from .188" (5mm) MDF.

The MDF we use is available at your local home store. It is labeled as chalkboard (black) or dry erase board (white).

Step 3: Assembly Instructions

All assembly instructions can be viewed in our video.

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