Camera Stand for Your Phone




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Step 1: Materials

Cardboard. Scissors. Tape

Step 2:

First I made a little phone space with a camera hole. This is an image from my phone on the camera stand I built.

Step 3:

Then I made a strong top by taping together 4 pieces of cardboard. Then I taped the phone holder piece to that to make our over hanging top.

Step 4:

Next I made two legs. I cut two long sturdy legs and then used a long strip of card board to connect the two pieces on the bottom like a square.

Step 5:

Make sure that everything is sturdy. If you don't have tape, glue can work. My stand does not work with my phone case on, and depending on the type of phone you have sizes may vary

Step 6:

Thanks for viewing! Also this is great for rainbow loom tutorials if cannot afford a stand. :)

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Great suggestions, its just if you dont have money or the materials needed ti make or buy one of these, you have to use your resorces, who doesnt have cardboard? Lol.

    Rajat Uppal

    5 years ago on Introduction

    I think so that if we will keep our phone or camera there it will break as cardboard has n't that strength to last long.......I have suggestions-----

    1. You can add some wood to it or you can minimise the length of stand or you can also OFCOURSE add some sticks (like wooden/hard sticks) under that
    2. OFCOURSE you can wrap down empty/transparent side and can add your creativity on white sheet which you are adding.

    May you add this to your Instructable, I suggested you because I think it deserve more after some making changes.