Camera Tri-Pod From Left Over Materials



Introduction: Camera Tri-Pod From Left Over Materials

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My pictures taking is not that great so i decided i needed some kind of stand. A cheep stand. One i could make without buying materials, so it had to be from materials i had laying around or could find easily.

I cut and welded this up in an hour or so with my trusty welder i bought from a retired merchant marine who used it on the ship.

The 3 base legs are 10mm square and 45cm long.  
The up-writes are 6mm square and 50cm each long.
2 metal water pipes are 3/8" x 3" with a hole drilled in the side.  Then a nut was welded on for the tightening screws . 
The tightening screws are about 5mm, they look close to the same size as an LED.
The tightening screw handles are metal roofing nails with the umbrella head portions cut off.  
Luckily out of all my bolts i found 1 yes 1 only of the correct size that screws into the camera base. Guessing it is 5mm coarse.
All the way collapsed is it 23" tall. then all the way extended it is 4' 8".

The square metal is very common here for making window grills ect.
I cut everything with a hacksaw.
Used a grinder so smooth out the rough edges.
I applied some Turco. Its a rust converter. Goes on like water and works very well. I am not sure how it works but it will change a rusty area to not rusty anymore and also prevent rust from forming again. As long as it is not scraped or worn off.

Its not pretty but it much better than no stand. I have even figured out that the that when i am moving the cam around for different shots it is steadier with the stand left still attached. I think its from the length and weight of the stand.

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice rugged stand.
    Welding iron pipe has always been difficult for me to make it a solid connection.
    I use a similar tri-pod for a light stand in the shop.



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for looking and the comment

    Really should of used nickle rod for this pipe, but there is not any weight to speak of so i get by with 6013 as there is no 6011 here.
    Also that zink coating isn't that great to breath.