Camera Slider, Cheap, Quick and Easy!

This is my first instructable. I wanted to get a good slider for video with my camera. Unfortunately I didn't want to spend money, so i actually came up with an easy slider.

-3 small screws
-small drill
-Toy Car
-Mini Tripod

Total cost is less than $5 if you buy stuff from store.

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Step 1: Take Apart Car

First pic is of the toy car i used. I made sure to grab one that has good tires that don't wobble but grip well too. My son never plays with it, so I figured I'd use it.

I took apart the body of the car so only the bottom half that have the wheels on it are all that I used.

Step 2: Drill + Screw

Next I drilled 3 holes into the car as well as holes on each tripod leg.

Screwed the screws into the tripod. Vwala.

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