Camera Slider


Introduction: Camera Slider

Here is my build of a video camera slider based on cnc pieces and some aluminum shapes I made with a water jet machine cutter.

Linear bearings you can get from here
CNC shaft supports from here

I used anodized aluminum tubes of 16 mm diameter that fit perfectly the bearings. I also tried raw aluminum pipes bought at the local depot but for some reason they are just half millimeter too large and doesn't allow bearings to slide. I'll try to sand those pipe thinner as the anodized ones make a noise when slider runs.



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    4 Discussions

    Do you have layout diagram for the camera slider parts base and camera platform

    Hello. I had the same idea to make this type of DIY slider. But haven't started to make it. So i have a question: what is the diameter of your tubes and Linear bearings? If they are 16 mm each, do they fit each other good? I'm trying to make with 13mm tubes and, actually, little fear to buy 13mm bearings if they will not fit and the platform will not slide. Thanks in advance.

    yes, since then I replaced the pipes with stell ones, well polished, they don't bend that much with my 3 kg camera and are much smoother...

    Quick question is, I've been contemplating making something using these similar bearings, but I've read that using alu or softer steel tubes that the bearings will cut into them, have you noticed any of this happening?