Camera to GoPro Mount

Introduction: Camera to GoPro Mount

I really love all of the different ways there are to mount GoPro cameras, and since I shoot with a mirrorless DSLR I wanted to be able to attach my "real" camera to my GoPro mounts. By modifying a GoPro tripod mount I was able to create a mount that was cheap, sleek, and works very well! This is my first Instructable, please feel free to give me constructive feedback or ask questions if something needs more clarification.

- 1/4" - 20 threaded rod (or whatever thread is matched to your camera's tripod mount)
- 2 nuts sized to your threaded rod
- 1 GoPro Tripod Mount (this will be destroyed)
- Hacksaw
- Metal File
- Sandpaper/Dremel tool
- Rubber band
- Super glue

Step 1: Cut GoPro Tripod Mount

First I threaded some nuts onto the rod a few inches down, then I threaded the rod into the tripod mount.

Next clamp the rod and mount in place by tightening a vice around the nuts that have been threaded below the tripod mount.

Use a hacksaw to remove the prong of the tripod mount that has a cap screw embedded in it.

After the plastic prong is removed, use a dremel tool or some sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Step 2: Cut Threaded Rod

Measure twice, cut once. Thread the rod all the way into your GoPro tripod mount, then thread a nut until it hits the bottom of the tripod mount to mark how far down the thread the tripod mount goes.

Next, thread the rod into your camera to measure how deep the caner's tripod mount is, bring a nut up snug against your camera so you can mark the length.

Add the two lengths you measured together, It's ok to be a little long, you can use a grinder/metal file to shorten it. 

Use the nuts to hold the threaded rod in your vice while you use a hacksaw to cut through the rod.

One the rod is cut, use a metal file to clean up the edges and remove any burs.

Thread one of the nuts off and over your freshly cut (and filed!) piece of threaded rod, clearing any remaining burs and ensuring that it is smooth. 

Continue filing/grinding the rod until the nut passes smoothly over the cut end.

Step 3: Fit to Camera

Take your small piece of threaded rod and screw it into the tripod mount. 

Next, try attaching this mount to your camera.

You want the camera to fit snuggly against the tripod mount's flat plastic surface. 

Keep grinding and filing the little piece of threaded rod until you get the right fit. This can be tedious.

Tip: When I was test fitting the threaded rod kept getting stuck in my camera. I used a rubber band to give me the extra grip/finger protection I needed to remove the rod from the camera.

Step 4: Glue in Place

Use a couple drops of super glue on the threads of the threaded rod and on the inside of the tripod mount. Then use a rubber band to give you some extra grip to tighten the threaded rod down into the tripod mount. Let the glue dry completely and then you're ready to go!

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