Camille - Custom Crocheted Kitty


Introduction: Camille - Custom Crocheted Kitty

I was commissioned to replicate a dear cat in my style of crochet. I was emailed the photos of the cat, Camille, and then sourced the proper yarn types and colors and crocheted while looking at her photos. Another no pattern, make it up as I go, one of a kind crocheted critter. Stuffed with polyfill.

To view more of my crocheted critters, visit my Etsy shop or my website.



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    This is a fantastic project. I love this kitty and may have to crochet one too. I definitely like this one.

    I love the cat.  I was wondering where you got the eyes, they are amazing--they really seem to glow.

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    Thanks for your nice words. I made the eyes, I just cut some felt and glued them on. The blue is a very pale, ice blue, that's probably what gives them that glowing look.

    those are felt! I could have swore they were some sort of acrylic or glass eye, this is the cutest kitty and best use of fun fur I have seen...

    Thanks, it's actually two strands of Lion Brand Fun Fur, white and ivory and ivory chenille I order from a shop on Ebay. All together, they make great animals.