Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath




This will take you from the beginning to the end of me making my son a leather sheath for his Camillus Titanium knife, like mine. In this instructable I have actually done photos instead of a video like I did in mine.

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Step 1: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

Here we have the layout of the parts and tools.

These tools are as follows from left to right:

3 - hole punch
crescent tool
basket weave tool
circle tool
wood slicker
edger tool (which has interchangeable bits - stitch groove bit)

In front is the stitching needle, also missing from the picture is a utility knife for cutting, a hammer (wooden mallet) and metal ruler.

Step 2: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

In this step I have made a groove on the inside of the leather where the sheath will fold over.

Step 3: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

In this step I have taken a sponge and made the leather wet. You have to do this before doing any tooling to the leather. I have also punched the holes in the leather and belt strap. The belt strap has been made wet as well, and it has been folded to create the loop.

In this photo you see the edger tool with the stitching groove bit installed.

Step 4: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

In this step I have put my mark on the leather and I have already made the Ferro rod holder.

Step 5: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

Here I have done all the tooling using a basket weave tool and a crescent tool. I have made the stitching holes on the front side where I have already done the stitching groove. I have also stitched the belt loop on.

Step 6: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

In this step I have already marked where the snaps go and have installed the snaps. I have also glued the welts on and added the Ferro rod holder.

Step 7: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

In this step I have wet the leather and am forming the sheath to the knife. Using pop cycle sticks and binder clips holding the sheath closed. You can also see where I have used a letter stamp set and put my son's initials on the strap. Using a piece of thread to keep the leather wrap around the knife handle.

Step 8: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

Here you see his completed sheath next to mine. From the wet forming step to this step I have used a dremel tool to drill thru the stitching holes into the welt and the back side of the sheath. Once done I thin did 4 rivets into the sheath, one is purposely placed where the Ferro rod holder is then one at the bottom of the sheath and then one where the stitching starts. Then there is one, smaller put close to the handle to keep the leather tight around where the handle and blade comes together.

You will notice that the leather looks wet on the edges in the close up picture. This is done so I can use the wood slicker tool to burnish the edges.

Step 9: Camillus Titanium Leather Sheath

Here is the finished product after the brown shoe polish has been applied. Once the polish is applied it is buffed with a brush. Then saddle oil is applied to protect the leather.

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    3 years ago

    Nice!!! I will attempt this after we get all settled in our new home!

    Nate Barry

    3 years ago

    This is awesome! It looks super good.