Camo Cheetah/Leopard Print Nails




Introduction: Camo Cheetah/Leopard Print Nails

About: Making cute nail art that's affordable, reasonable, and totally do-able on short, natural nails :) If you have any requests, feel free to inbox!

This sounds weird, I know, but actually it looks pretty cool! I got inspiration from one of my bikinis and thought I'd try it out. The hardest part, actually, is just creating the camouflage blobs, but other than that, it's a super fun design and it comes out super cute with any colors you use! My step-by-step tutorial will teach you EXACTLY how to create this design. If you like this design, please rate and leave comments- And if you'd like, check out my other designs, too, and follow me :)

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Step 1: Materials!

I used these for my design- Sinful Colors "Dream On", "Why Not", and "24/7" are $1.99 each at Target. The black Sally Hansen pen was $7.99 at Walgreens. Experiment with colors and see how they turn out!

Step 2: Camo Blobs

Take one of the colors and make random blobs all over your toe nails, then do it with the second color filling in empty spaces, and then with the last color, filling up the rest of the spaces. (Don't worry, the clear coat at the end will even it all out)

Step 3: Finish

Take the nail art pen and draw little cheetah spots randomly all over each nail. To make it seem even cooler, Make little spots in empty areas! Then, use a clear top coat and paint the last coat of polish on your nails- This will even out the polish and keep the cheetah spots from rubbing off! :) You're done! If you like what you saw, feel free to rate and leave comments! Also, check out my other designs, too! Like what you see? Follow me :D Thank you! I hope you enjoy <3

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    2 Discussions

    mp 15-22
    mp 15-22

    5 years ago

    Love the nail art you do. I think it's really pretty to see a ladies toes decorated. Can you do a French tip on your toes.

    wow your designs are fantastic :)
    i'm not good enough at it to even paint mine plain!
    but i really like your designs and i want to try them out sometime

    PS following to see all your great 'ibles :)