Camo Sniper Bunker/foxhole





Introduction: Camo Sniper Bunker/foxhole

use this for airsoft or paintball. Maybe if your hunting rabbit with an airgun. (the picture is an example of what it should look like. I will post some of my foxhole bunkers but they look just like this)

Step 1: First Step: Finding the Right Spot

Your going to need a hill or semi raised ground.Make sure the spot has plenty of trees and or thick brush. It just helps with camoflauge.

Step 2: Step 2: Dig Deep Real Deep

Decide how wide the hole must be and how deep you want it. After that you can put tarp in it to keep some of the dirt off of you. (ofcourse the picture below shows a hole bigger than what you need unless your putting a lot of snipers in it)

Step 3: Step 3: Add Bunker Parts

its simple once you get the hole to your liking take plywood and build a sort of roof almost(below is a diagram)

Step 4: Step 4: Camo Time

studie your surronding area well and use objects around you for camo like sticks, hay,grass,bark,weeds etc. (ghille suits are a big help with this i will post an instructable on how to make those as well)



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    Infa red

    You have everything but the rifle ; )

    To make really good camo for stuff take wire mesh weave branches brush twigs any thing from the area your putting it then nail it up

    I made this instructable when I was like 13! Wow I can't believe this account is still active! This was published back when instructables still had the not liable section lol.

    We build fighting holes for more then just snipers. We put defenders and riflemen in them. We've also dug them randomly, so in the middle of a battle, any unit can get in one.

    Thats a fighting hole... One that you get in and wait... A fox hole is a hasty defensive position where you just take a layer of dirt off of the ground and lay down so you are concealed but hardly covered...

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    Don't be so sure. I was listening to a WWII vetren who explaine normal foxholes in the pacific campaign were 9 ft deep, 12 ft wide, and 12 ft long. Troops were suposed to sleep in them.

    I was talking about the differences between a fox hole and a fighting hole. Many people use the two interchangably, although they are two different things. Fighting holes are what you stay up watching while your buddy sleeps and is more long term.

    Thank you for making this. My airsoft war is trench warfare, the bases up to a mile apart. This'll be helpful.

    I made one of these in the forest behind my house and it is awesome!

    I have killed birds with a 300fps gun, but it only really hurts smaller birds with a headshot.

    400 should be enough, i hunt with mine. Rabbit and bird mostly. The ocaisional raccoon. mine's 495 FPS.