Camomile Flower Brooch


In this instructable we will be making six Camomile Flower Brooches. However, you can make just one.

You will need:

- Safety pin or pins (if you are making few brooches),

- White foam sheet,

- Yellow foam sheet,

- Craft glue,

- Scissors,

- Pen (any colour),

- 30 cm ruler,

- and Compass.

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Step 1: Mark 7 Cm Squares on a Sheet of Foam

You can mark up to 12 squares on a foam sheet, depending on its size.

Step 2: Mark 7 Cm Square on a Sheet of Paper

The aim of this step is to start making a shape that you will cut out and use to trace on the foam sheet.

You mark only one square on a sheet of paper because you only need one shape.

Step 3: Draw Two Diagonal Lines on Paper

Draw two diagonal lines on paper as shown.

Step 4: Draw a Cross on Paper

Draw a cross on paper as shown.

Step 5: Draw Inner Circle on Paper

Draw inner circle on paper with the compass as shown. The radius of this circle should be a quarter of square length: 7 cm / 4 = 1.75 cm.

Step 6: Draw Outer Circle on Paper

Draw outer circle on paper with the compass as shown. The radius of this circle should be half the square length: 7 cm / 2 = 3.5 cm.

Step 7: Mark on Paper for Four Diagonal Lines

Mark paper for four diagonal lines. Divide each square side into four equal parts of 1.75 cm each.

Step 8: Draw the Four Diagonal Lines

Draw the four diagonal lines as shown.

Step 9: Draw Flower Petals

Draw flower petals as shown on the photo.

Now you see that all those lines (eight lines) were used to make sure you have a precise, straight and symmetrical drawing of the flower.

Step 10: Cut Out the Flower

Use scissors to cut out the flower.

Step 11: Trace the Paper Flower Shape Onto Foam

Put the paper flower cut out on top of foam, inside the square. Then use pen to trace the paper flower shape onto foam. If you are making just one brooch then trace the flower shape twice.

Step 12: Cut Out the Foam Flower

Use scissors to cut out the foam flower.

Group each two cut outs together as shown in the photo.

Step 13: Draw Flower Pistil

Use compass to draw flower pistil. You need to draw as many circles as the amount of brooches you are making. The radius of the yellow circle should be 1.5 cm.

Step 14: Cut Out the Flower Pistil

Cut out the yellow circles and place each circle onto each of the flowers as shown.

Step 15: Draw and Cut Out the Safety Pin Holder

Use pen to draw and cut out the safety pin holder. The size of the safety pin holder should be 3 cm (width) by 1.5 cm (height).

Step 16: Insert the Safety Pin Inside the Safety Pin Holder

Insert the safety pin inside the safety pin holder as shown in the photos.

The red circle shows the first hole that you should make and the green circle shows the second hold that you should make. Put the twisted side of the safety pin (the part marked by red circle in the first photo) through the hole first. Then make the second hole with the same part of the safety pin. You might need to apply a small force to make those holes.

Step 17: Glue the Four Parts Together

Use the craft glue to glue the four parts together as shown. Put the yellow circle on the table first and cover it with glue. Follow with first white foam cut out and then second white foam cut out and then end with safety pin holder, putting glue in the centre of each piece of foam as shown.

Leave to dry over night and you are done.

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