Camp Signs - I Made It at TechShop Chandler!!

Introduction: Camp Signs - I Made It at TechShop Chandler!!

These are easy to make using spare wood to guide friends and family to your camp site! We used an old pallet that the wood was still nice on and tore it down. Next we used a circular saw, but there are many other types of saws that would work as well, to cut them all to similar sizes and then create the point at one end. The next steps we finished at home to have time to dry.

We used white paint for our primary color and once dry used painters tape to create an edge then used fluorescent orange for the arrow end. This allows you plenty of room to create your own message or camp name for friends and family to follow the easily noticeable signs! We are attaching these to metal rods by using a metal clasp with a cap so that the metal rod can be hammered down and then the sign placed over the rod and tightened for easy set up and removal.

This is a small, easy project but not bad for a beginner! See what else you can make at!

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