Camp Games (my First Instructable)

Introduction: Camp Games (my First Instructable)


1. Smuggler

This game takes 3 or more players.

Step1. Chose a guard

Step2. Get a big enough object to run past and grab. It could be a stick shoved in the ground or a water bottle, just something you can hold easily.

Step3. Get rocks to circle the object (if you are in a dusty place then you could just draw a circle with your foot or something) the circle needs to be at least a foot away from the object.

Step4. Have everyone else make their own circles.

How to play: the guard guards the object while the “smugglers” try to steal it. The guard can tag the smugglers. If a smuggler gets tagged then they have to help the guards. If you are a smuggler and you steal the object than you take it to your layer without letting the other players steal it from you. Once you get back to your base you are now the guard of the object and can tag other players. The old guard is now a smuggler with the beginning place of the object as his base, all the players he tagged are still guards and have to help you, or whoever has the object. The guard can win by tagging everyone else. The smugglers can win by tapping everyone who has gotten tagged on the arm. The last person to get the object is the beginner guard. The guard can’t go in the circle with the object in it at the same time. Let me show you how.

I’m going to use a stick as an example. So the guard is in position you can see him clearly, oh jimmy going for it uh he got tagged…now you’re sprinting towards the stick, you’ve got it now your running back to your base with jimmy guarding you’re back. As you reach your circle you plunge the stick into the ground and tag bob as he grabs for it. Jimmy tags Phil as he comes near. The guards win!

2. Fugitive

This game also takes 3 or more players

Step1. Chose a “cop”

Step2. Chose a place to start

Step3. Chose a place to end

How to play: the “cop” guards the ending place while the “fugitives” are at the start. The goal for the fugitives is to get to the end without getting tagged. If you get tagged you have to help the “cop”.


PART 2- card games

1. Farr

Each person starts with 5 cards. Shuffler puts the cards down on the table and flips the top card on the table face up. The objective is to get a card closest to the start card as possible. Each time you place a card down you have to have 5 cards in your hand at all times. The person that gets the closest to the card in the middle gets to have one less card in their hand. How you win is by having no cards in your hand.

2. Grid

How to setup: lay a type of card (spade, clubs, hearts, diamonds) in a grid with a twig between your grid and your opponent’s grid.

How to play: use your ace to flick a pebble onto your opponent’s card grid if you hit a card then they flip it over and it’s “dead”.

The king takes two hits to kill.

The queen uses the card one to its left once.

Jester takes your jester with it.

You can block in coming pebbles with your ace.

You win by killing your opponents cards

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    4 years ago

    These games lookalike they will be fun with the grandchildren. Excellentinstrucrable!!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These look like some really fun games! Thanks for sharing them and welcome to the community!