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With the new EXO suits in Call of Duty, you can camp in more places than in previous games. In this camping guide, you will get:


I will do all preloaded maps, none of the DLC or whatever.


There are different reasons to camp. I will cover camping spawns, objectives, and just to get easy kills.


To be successful at camping.

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Step 1: Map-Specific


In ascend, there is a spot in the entries to the elevator where you can boost jump to a ledge above the doors. It is dark here, so you will easily pick other players off while remaining unseen.

There are many places to fall off, so beware!


One camping strategy is to hide on the sliding barrels of Manticore. If shot they will explode, so be careful. This is best to remain unseen with a powerful weapon, like the ASM1 or BAL-27. Riding them is a good idea, but jump off before it reaches the edge of the map or you will die.

Another is to do the opposite. Wait and watch the Manticore tubes. If a group of players passes by, shoot the tubes, causing them to explode. Be careful it doesn't hurt your teammates, some servers punish for friendly fire.


In this map, there aren't many vantage points. There is one that I know of. The large building with windows all over it is great. You can hide in the foliage growing inside, or hide on a window sill. Use suppressed guns, you do not want to lose this point.


In here, you can hide inside a small room where a tube branches off. After the tsunami, this tube is submerged, making it easier for camp kills and harder for enemies to find you. A small part is still above water, crouch here and wait.


Hide inside the many Atlas stations, or around a corner. Many places have one main entrance and next to no exits. Be ready to fight your way out if need be.


There are a few small buildings that are dark. Also, there are two stairwells that you and a teammate could camp together.


There are a few vantage points here. There is a small place that forms an O shape. You go down the stairs, turn around, and go up a parallel flight of stairs. Hide at the bottom of both, using explosive drones to watch your back.


Hide in the small accessible caves of the mine. Also, the dense foliage can be accessed in some parts. Go prone and melee enemies that come close. Have a silenced gun ready.


Before the dynamic event, hide inside the observatory as it is very dark in there. Have a teammate cover you so you don't get killed. After the dynamic event, hide inside the small cave thing with the trailer of rock specimens parked inside.


There are many hidden ledges in the area, especially inside the building. There are also dark corners that are great for camping in.


Camping Riot is easy. The EXO suit is really useful now, as you can end up about fifty feet above the ground sniping enemies with a silenced Lynx (the only sniper rifle that has a silencer option). Window sills are again an option. Also, this is a prison so one spot beeps when passed through. Hide near here, and listen for the beep. Any player that goes through will trigger it.


Many ledges as well as a dark tunnel in the large sun-heated pit of water. Go through and hide in the tube when you reach the dark room. Use a Target Enhancer to assist you.


By far one of the best, as it is nighttime. There are many hidden passages that have only one way in and one way back out. To top it off, these are very dark and easy to hide in.

Step 2: Objectives

To camp in gamemodes:


In this mode, find an aforementioned spot and get kills.


Do the same thing, watch spawn points.


When playing these modes, camp friendly positions by sitting in a dark spot and picking off those who dare to approach. For the enemies, try to be silent, then hide with a suppressed gun.


Hide with your shotgun (or whatever the default weapon is here) and pick off Infecteds until the time is up.

*Other gamemodes are harder to camp due to their purpose.

Step 3: Spawn Camping

Some gamemodes have a few definite spawn points per team. Watch for players respawning, but don't get too close or the spawn point will change. Sniper rifles are best here.

Step 4: Tips

  • Use suppressed guns
  • Stay silent
  • If found, leave no matter what
  • Do not use scorestreaks that leave you vulnerable
  • DO use scorestreaks like Defender Warbirds and Assault Drones
  • Have a teammate cover you



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